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Jacksonville Pro Results: Stan McQuay & Jessica Putnam Win! Gee Olympia Qualified!

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  • Jacksonville Pro Results: Stan McQuay & Jessica Putnam Win! Gee Olympia Qualified!

    Final Placements:

    1. Stan McQuay
    2. Daryl Gee
    3. Tricky Jackson
    4. Charles Dixon
    5. Steve Namat
    6. Peter Putnam
    7. Mike Valentino
    8. Jeffrey Long
    9. Jean Jocelyn
    9. Patrick Richardson
    10. Anthony Finocciaro
    11. Nathaniel Wonsley
    12. Roland Huff

    1. Jessica Putnam
    2. Erin Stern
    3. Jenny Lynn
    4. Krissy Chin
    5. Siobhan Tewari
    6. Tinamarie Bloomfield
    7. Alicia Harris
    8. Tivisay Briceno
    9. Marcy Porter
    10. Petra Mertl
    11. Sue Upson
    12. Julie Wallis
    13. Amanda Marinelli
    14. Melody Clere
    15. Alana Hernandez
    15. Karen Mullarkey
    16. Amy Stephens
    17. Tesse Thomes
    18. Jacqui Jarrett
    18. Starling Steele
    18. Sandra Simons
    18. Sabrina Gibson
    18. Michelle Theison
    18. MJ Fox
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  • #2
    glad jessica putnam won, she is one of the sweetest and nicest persons i know,

    God bless


    • #3
      Any contest pics up?


      • #4
        Originally posted by ricanekk View Post
        Any contest pics up?
        yeah, go to the contest pic archive.


        • #5
          looking at the pictures idk how stan walks away with this. he was among the least mucled guys up there.