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Europa SuperShow Competitor's List **As of July 27**

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  • Europa SuperShow Competitor's List **As of July 27**

    Europa SuperShow Competitor's List

    Men's Open Bodybuilding
    Gus Carter
    Mike Debenham
    Alfonso Del Rio
    Tarek Elsetouhi
    Tamer El Shahat
    DeShaun Grimez
    Marcus Haley
    Roland Huff
    Romeo Ippolito
    Johnnie Jackson
    Cesar Mendible
    Lee Powell
    Craig Richardson
    Manuel Romero
    Jonathan Rowe
    Yans Salaks
    Vincent Wawryk
    Ben White

    Men's Pro 202
    Kris Dim
    Myoba Edwards
    Derik Farnsworth
    Abiu Feliz
    John Hodgson
    Randy Jackson Sr
    Tricky Jackson
    Jose Raymond
    Patrick Richardson

    Women's Fitness
    Maggie Blanchard
    Myriam Capes
    Nicole Duncan
    Stefanie Irick
    Nita Marquez
    Kristina Rojas
    Siene Silva

    Women's Pro Figure
    Tivisay Briceno
    Tonya Burkhardt
    Rachel Cammon
    MJ Fox
    Jenny Lynn
    Katina Maistelles
    Alicia Marie
    Siobhan Tewari
    Sue Upson
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    Oh...I love me some Alicia Marie! I can't wait!

    Who else is going? I'll be there.


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      "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." - Coco Chanel


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        kris dim returns...!!


        • #5
          with that competition im betting jackson and haley actually get top 5 hehe

          i like them both but man they have been off as hell this whole season havent they?
          Strength does not come from winning, it is our struggle that builds our strength. When we struggle and decide not to surrender, that is strength


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            i like to see how dim will look on stage


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              Looking foward to seeing vince warwyk, 2007 canadian champion battle up against the big boys!!
              SHOCK THERAPY :


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                JOJ sounds like a good dude. Hope he humbles Ben white at the Olympia lift contest.
                Ben wanted to be able to have a shirt so they allowed it, Ben didnt want to squat and again they complied. I think we got a good idea of who truly might be the

                JOJ should win this show but Tarek is looking great aswell.
                Dream big and work hard!