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Abbas Khatami Prepares for the North Americans: This guy is Peeled!!!

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    Abbas are you working with anyone for this prep?
    I believe I heard he was working with George Farah...?


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      Originally posted by Shawn Ray View Post
      Abbas are you working with anyone for this prep?
      I believe I heard he was working with George Farah...?

      Got it. If it was in the video I didn't watch it but based on the pics I had to take a guess,



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        Originally posted by Robbie Durand View Post

        Abbas Khatami Prepares for the North Americans
        Abbasis awesome. He is know for his peeled conditioning. I got to eat breakfast with him and a few friends a few years back in Columbus. It was alot of fun.

        Best of luck to Abbas. he looks great
        If you can DREAM it, you can DO it -Walt Disney


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          Originally posted by MR.G View Post
          Great legs for sure, chest & tris need to come up...

          his tris are pretty much never gonna look alot different then that, the structure of them just isn't there...

          Same goes for Ruhl for example..


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            Hey Abbas You bring great shape and conditioning to the table! All the best to you this weekend,The MD Forum will be keeping an eye on you!


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              Good luck Abbas, see you when you get back. You look awesome this year. Bring it home brother.


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                going on the weigh in pics-(doesnt shhow the whole picture of course-lol) he looks like the one to beat-hams/glute tieins look spot on. posing/presentation has to be viewed when onstage BUT just from the pic the hardness and detail thats needed to win is there!!!goodluck!


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                  dude is in shape legs looking unreal
                  QUITING IS NOT A OPTION!


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                    Best of luck Abbas!!