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Armon Adibi Prepares for the North Americans

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  • Armon Adibi Prepares for the North Americans


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    Originally posted by Robbie Durand View Post
    Great video.
    Thanks Robbie!
    1st place at the MW class at the NPC Tim Gardner Extravaganza Tampa, FL.


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      Originally posted by bulldog08 View Post
      Hmmmm.....well lets see... to all those haters of Armon talking about his gyno and synthol use....FAIL!! ZERO gyno.....absoulutely not in anyway resembles synthol abuse either. Good look armon, I talked to some people who are down there and from what they have seen of the others you are definately top 5 material. BEst shoulders in that classs hands down! Crush it bro!!

      It's a physique contest...judges look for weaknesses...he doesn't get any points or benefit for having huge shoulders on stage and they almost are a weakness because they ruin his proportion and symmetry.

      With that said he definitely pulled it together condition wise and made some good improvements!! I hope he does well this weekend


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        Originally posted by bulldog08 View Post
        Really? That actually all depends on what the judges like on that day. He has definately brought his legs up, and he isnt even loaded up yet. His back double bi is sick and ill be shocked if anyone beats him in that pose. I think Armon has a very pleasing physique. Tight stomache, good arms GREAT shoulders and legs are commin up. Another year on the back and legs and he will definately be a force.
        he's still going to have bad symmetry after he carb loads...
        He could probably stop training arms and shoulders for an entire year. Armon is one nice dude, I'm just pointing out his weaknesses when it comes to the stage. I agree he'll do well with another year on the legs and back, but his shoulders and arms will just be even bigger at the same time.
        Like vin said, I hope he does well.
        -2012 NPC Illinois State Heavyweight and Overall Champion


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          lol pro quality eyebrows. Take a look.

          Edit: Make up? Eye liner? Fake lashes?
          Stagnation kills


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            does his right lat look bigger then the left or am i just seeing things?
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            Layne Norton


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              Good luck Armon
              TEAM MUSCLETECH


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                  Holy fucking delts.

                  Don't know if its a good thing that his delts are dwarfing his legs from the back, but it sure sure freaky!