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Chris Filippelli 50+HW Winner

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    goodin was far better , more seperation and no obvious side effects.. easy winner.


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      after looking at the pix again this year I gotta wonder why 57 y/o TJ Hewit doesn't compete in his age group just to turn pro. I know he's just into the open and appreciate that but this is an easy win for him, to me.


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        Have you guys noticed the profiles on here that have posted about Chris' conditioning and "miles ahead" blah blah blah...they all have 1 or two posts lol. Its the same duesch posting under a different name lol. Give me a break. When Chris loses the gut and loose skin, he might have a chance.


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          Chris looked good. Dave was off? But still looked as good conditioning wise or better!

          35lbs of muscle sure did not look much better. Dave's arms kill Chris. Back width as good but not as thick. Add the waist and V-taper trumps U-taper!

          Chris is obviously more muscular and larger in the delt, pec, leg department so he wins there. No personal knock on Chris as I thought he could win. But once again this is a subjective sport and the NA's always get a few wrong here and there.

          Congrats Dave!
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            I am always amazed how usually the all out mass guy wins but as soon as there is a slight guy suddently the judges cry "It's the NEW age of bodybuilding" and pick the smaller "symmetrical" guy. I'm really ok with eithe taking first but if I was the judge Chris would have had the big trophy.