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Day in the Life with Steve Kuclo

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  • Day in the Life with Steve Kuclo

    I had the honor of following paramedic/bodybuilder Steve Kuclo around at the fire-station in Dallas. Talk about guts!! Steve does not have alot of time for sleep when he is working, as mentioned in the video the emergency alerts often keep him up all night long with little time for sleep. I had a chance to jump on the firetruck as there was an emergency call and I got to watch Steve in action...

    Check out big Steve in action....

    The emergency alert during the video was a man that was reported unconscious in his truck.. when Steve and the paramedics arrived everything checked out ok though...


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    Is Steve going to publish a firemen calendar?


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      steve is the man md needs to sign him


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        Great vid Robbie.

        Much respect for Steve and his career choice.

        Stay safe and good luck at Nationals.


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          Originally posted by Gman52 View Post
          steve is the man md needs to sign him
          Agreed, he would be a great addition to MD.

          This video is great, I like the lifestyle videos, they are much more interesting than the training stuff. Props to Steve for putting it on the line as a firefighter.
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            After viewing the video I can definitely appreciate where Steve is coming from and how much he has to juggle while prepping for Nats, major props to him as he is handling it all with class.
            " Headstrong, to take on anyone "


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              not only does this guy look the best he has been but he saves lives too what a guy
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                Mad props to Steve respect and we whinge over not getting 7 hours sleep..

                Compair this dudes lifestyle to Evan fuck me dead...
                you know why you are training, if you dont get out !


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                  thanks for taking the time to shoot this video. Steve is a great bodybuilder and will continue to do great things in the future for sure. Good luck Big Steve


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                    I guess they dont test at his firehouse....wink wink


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                        Originally posted by impackt22 View Post
                        I guess they dont test at his firehouse....wink wink
                        what does that matter??
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                          i am trying to become a i understand what he does and have so much more respect for him.


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                            oh man its like real life rescue me


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                              Like i said to him. Its badass to see bodybuilders go in and bust there ass in a real job like this. Most are trainers at gyms and what not. Some complain that they can't work a real job because they wanna go pro. I think its fucking fantastic to see this, this is what its all about. Hard work. I hope it pays off for him.