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Amazing Competitors that get overlooked...

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  • Amazing Competitors that get overlooked...

    Wow! This has to be the best National turn out ever. Lots of great shape and conditioning. Anyone that you think will come from the side lines this year?

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    Middleweight Sidelines?????????

    When you start the post show coverage with a disclaimer on how this show is won or loss on opinion, one has to question. I invite each and everyone to take a look at the middleweight class photo's and tell me Jeff Cook deserved 5th.

    Jeff placed 3rd last year after tearing his tricep tendon about 16 weeks out from the show. He came in bigger and harder and completely shredded this year! Ronald Torress looked like he was still a few weeks out on his conditioning and he places 2nd after placing 4th behind Jeff last year???

    Jeff took 5th place this year??? By taking the non political road this is where he ends up??

    I'm not here to talk down about the other competitors because we all know how hard this sport can be. I simply ask you to review the photo's and see for yourself!!


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      Based solely on the pics of the comparisons I agree that he should have been higher. I do agree with Nathan winning, but Jeff did a great job. If they decide to give a 4th card out at the USA's and he has it left in him that might be the way to go. No matter what the guy is one hell of a middleweight wow.


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        Thx for looking Jim. Jeff is one he$$ of a competitor. He has devoted a big part of his life to the sport and is always willing to help anyone. Thx again!


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          How on earth could these judges place Bobby Church 31st??????!!!!!

          I have looked at all photos of people that even placed 17th and on. Most had no legs, no glutes, no symetry. What ever happened to symetry and proportion? What ever happened to the total package?

          No wonder I never follow this sport any more. This sport is just a freak show anymore! It has just gone down hill.

          I don't care what anyone thinks about my comment!


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            I AGREE. The judges by the way show no picture of fitness, they were all fat slobs to begin with.. They should have looked more on the middleweights. There were guys that had shredded glutes and peeled packages and didnt make the top 15, then on the other hand there were guys that made the top 15 cut with watery hams and glutes etc.,... I feel sorry for the guys that comes in shape and dont get rewarded for it, they bust there butt in getting into that razor sharp shape.. Its bullshit and all politics.