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*VIDEO EXCLUSIVE* NPC Nationals Overall Posedown Video

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  • *VIDEO EXCLUSIVE* NPC Nationals Overall Posedown Video

    Check out this video; another motivating video made by MD Staff Member Butch Peterson showing the overall comparisons and final fight for the overall 2009 Nationals Championship.

    "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.

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    lol seth and cedric dominate everybody else and cedric dominates all


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      It was a great show with a real heavy, tight and downright white knuckle competition.
      "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


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        All the class winners were SPOT ON! Nathan Detracy looks like a LHW with those thighs and upper body!

        Shivas looks great in that Myth-like pose!

        Awesome compilation. Where do you get your beats for it?


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          Awesome slideshow. Those guys looked awesome. Cedric obviously 'dwarfs' the other guys, but damn, Seth is seriously conditioned! Just gotta get some more size now Seth! Must be all those ipod cords.
          The first and the best victory is to conquer self.--Plato


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            Seth looks almost bigger then Jeff Long, damn.


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              Shivas looks like a beast in that pic too!!!


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                amazing lineup. really motivates me


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                  I think Seth had the best conditioning but holy shit Cedric is tall and big! Bright futures for all those guys!
                  Prepare to get Rocked:


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                    MORE VIDEOS , PLEASE !!!!!!!!!


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                      awesome slide show


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                        Nice vid, all of them looked great! Ced is a beast!!(Future Mr. O) I am so getting ready for next season I cant wait! This is true motivation!!


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                          Hey, thanks for the props everybody!

                          We were not sure how these videos would go over and are interested in your input. We put together about 7 or 8 that we tied in with music and this is what we got:

                          Branden Ray parts 1, 2 and 3

                          Battle for the light Heavies - Preview

                          NPC Overall the Field is Stacked! - Preview

                          NPC - Bring it on!

                          Mens light heavy prejudging comparison video

                          NPC Overall Posedown Slideshow

                          What do you think? Should we do more of these?

                          Oh yeah, there were some comments about the beats. Just about all of the beats are from out of Florida. Seemed like a good theme for the Hollywood, Florida nationals. Rizzle is a hard working music producer and we like his stuff. But we are open to other music as well. If you know of any bands or musicians that might want exposure on our videos, let us know.

                          Rock On MD!


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                            ced looks like such a giant compaired to them
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                              A truely amazing lineup! Everyone deserved the win and looked phenomenal! but most inpiring of all to me is Seth's win, First year competing and in my opinion had the best conditioning up there! Very inspiring and motivating..