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    I am impressed, actually amazed, at how much muscle Dexter has put on his physique over the course of his lifetime. That man has gained so much lean muscle it is mindboggling. As far as being Mr. Olympia I just think that in this year's lineup there are so many greats out there that it is going to be challenging for Dex to do it again. It will be interesting if they give Dex second out of respect, give him first to signify a change in bodybuilding, or place him correctly depending on how others show up. One thing is for sure, and this goes for everyone.... Dex will be in condition!!!


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      Originally posted by wastedtime View Post
      Im really looking forward to this years olympia, i dont hear much about Dexter in anyones top 5, whats do people think to him? I find it especially interesting when looking at the comparason in MD magazine between Phil and Dex if anyone saw that.

      Wasted Time
      I didn't agree with that article at all, sometimes I think Flex has some weird views.


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        There were a bunch of us sitting backstage at a show this year (like 15 of us) and we all agreed that Flex Wheeler is the most inaccurate writer in the magazine. Although he does state the obvious positive aspects of many white competitor's physiques, one black guy backstage even said the dude was racist and many others agreed with him. This has been a complaint for years about Flex.

        I do think though that of every physique I have ever seen in my life, I feel that he definitely should have been Mr. Olympia more than once. Flex had a combination of everything... size, shape, balance.... awesome abdominals and small waist .... seriously just about everything. He was an awesome competitor.

        I don't know Flex personally, but from what I have read about him, from the videos I have seen him in, and from the good ol rumor mill of when he competed until today I personally can't say it is anything but pretty much negative...

        ... but the dude was one hell of a bodybuilder.


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          I think Dexter will win again. Phil's arms are too big in my opinion. His proportons are off.

          Dexter looks thicker maybe cause he has that old man muscle. I think Dexter's clavicles are better and his back is better. Dexter also has better shape to his arms.
          Dream big and work hard!


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            I definitely disagree with everything you said, but it's all good man that's what makes this year's O awesome. Look at the vid of Dex and Phil standing next to each other guest posing... whew Phil blows him clean out of the water. Not flamin ya just my .02


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              Heath's good but let's be real-he def doesn't have it in the bag.

              He looks great on his own until you put him next to somebody else, then reality sets in. Heath looks really good but the narrow clavicles are even more obvious in light of his improvements. He can continue to add mass but will start to look funny since his chest is already starting to look bunched up in some poses.

              There's a vid of he and Dex training on Flex's website. Shockingly, he looked comparable but less impressive than Dex did. I kept noticing how impressive Dex's rear delts and overall size was compared to Heath and they're both dieting down to contest shape. An argument could be raised that Dex has been over dieting for the shows and is now able to get sliced at a higher bodyweight and thus look impressive enough to win. He beat Heath in the vid hands down.

              Here's my prediction:

              1. Dex
              2. Heath
              3. Kai
              4. Vic
              5. Jay (depending on how serious he is)
              6. Wolf (can move up but not sure he's training right-videos aren't showing killer workouts and he lost size from misguided contest prep last year)

              I see Vic behind Kai for the same reasons as the AC-Vic's leg and lack of bone dryness and Kai's ability to get into super dry condition. Heath and Kai can flip-flop based on how much the judges value aesthetics and size but right now, esp. if Dex comes in with more mass and same conditioning, Dex wins the O'.



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                dex vs. phil

                In size, width (even side by side), in EVERY area, back included, Phil has Dexter beat. There is not ONE bodypart that is larger than Phil's. The clavicle issue is true, however even standing side by side on the video of them guest posing together Phil is bigger from calves to traps.... even his back is much thicker now and more impressive. Not exaggerating seriously Phil has him beat size wise in every single bodypart.


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                  Phil will win this year. A hint of what's to come was displayed as he guest posed at the Dex Jackson classic. He out-muscled all the other guest posers. He even looked bigger than Jay even though Jay weighed about 20lbs more.


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                    Definitely agree..... however I think with MD's coverage of Kai and the momentum it might swing Kai's way. Conditioning is also a factor but definitely agree that at this point out from the O if they were lined up and a prejudging was held Phil would (or should) win....



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                      Phil Heath


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                        OK Ive got my tickets to the Olympia and fly out form UK in two weeks cant wait
                        i have it like this
                        1 Phil Heath
                        2 Dexter Jackson
                        3 Jay Cutler
                        4 Kai Greene
                        5 Victor Martinez
                        6 Dennis Wolf

                        What you think??


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                          It is too early to tell who will be Mr Olympia, this contest is run on controversies, so it isnít always the best physique that wins, there would be a thousand things going behind the scene, I for one would love Heath to win, although I am a fan of Kai, but whatever happens this year Olympia will be filled with excitement, surprises, roll on set the warriors free.


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                            Given the political nature of the O judging at times, I dont really like making predictions. That being said I think the top 5 will be:

                            1. Kai
                            2. Phil
                            3. Dex
                            4. Victor
                            5. Wolf

                            I dont think that there will be a complete thrashing by one or another. No one in this show will win it hands down. Any of my pics could very easily switch positions with another. I cant wait for the show.


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                              6.Vic(too many personal problems)
                              7. Branch(the surprise of olympia)


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                                somewhat agree

                                Fellas I have to somewhat agree and say that there are definitely too many things going on behind the scenes.... and that aside there is definitely some wicked competition this year... from what I have seen so far... minus the ever so important conditioning and the fact that I haven't seen Wolf at all... Phil is amazing.