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The Winner of the 2009 Mr Olympia

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    Scenario 1: Who do you think WILL win and why?
    - Dexter Jackson.
    - He's had a year off and built up some impressive size and has a good structure. Having a Weider contract doesn't hurt at all. Not saying I don't think he could win w/o those merits.

    Scenario 2: Who do you think SHOULD win and why?
    - Victor Martinez.
    - He's got the structure. He's like Phil Heath with clavicles on steroids. He's had an injured leg before and built it up in no time. Seeing the pics in the new MD make me a believer!


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      I want Kai to and feel he may be most deserving, but I think Phil is about to start a reign of at least several years.........why?
      • Weider Athlete
      • He's the most complete: good shape symmetry, size, muscle roundness, pleasing look
      • Very well spoken and can be a good embassador for the sport


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        i think kai, the reason just the size and condition he has been bringing over the last year


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          I WANT Victor to win.....if he won in 2007 like he should have he probably would have had that winner determination and would've won again in 2008 so he would now be defending the crown for a third time. THAT is what VICTOR is capable of....he is one of the legends of this sport with amazing size & shape!!!

          That being said....if Kai comes in ripped to the bone and Victor is off again like at the ASC this is Kai's win to lose. He will beat Dex, Heath could be close - he will be top 3 for sure - and Jay isn't even in the running anymore. He's breaking down like Ronnie is.....a great falling from grace before our eyes but hats off to Jay...he was one of my favorites when he burst on the scene

 make a long answer LONGER.......VICTOR


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            Jay - Big boy, always does his best when he is coming in as a second place finisher. Has been 1st and has been down the bottom.
            He only lost last year due to unlucky conditioning. He brings it, he wins.

            Phil - if he replicates the previous O conditioning plus new added size.

            Kai - Playing the mass game but looks no better than Jay but will get close. Feathered quads / Back.

            Victor -Who knows? Placed Second to Kai at the Arnold. Not sure how outside stresses played a role on him. He says he's determined and "don't count me out". Wish him the best.

            Dex - Cause he is the blade.

            To watch out for. As always the majority wants to see Wolf improve. But will he fail to do so again? Personally I want him to win not gona happen.


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              Wow. Time will tell

              Originally posted by SunAndSteel View Post

              There's not gonna be some non-Weider athlete coming and taking what is essentially the Joe Weider/Sandow trophy.

              Jay Cutler's gonna make history and win it.

              The age of the mass monsters isn't over by a long shot. This nonsense about "the vacuum" as a new required pose is another way of saying "go easy on the hgh, guys."

              The rest of that fantasy is nothing more than the IFBB's (and everyone else) worrying about the hype about AAS and prohormones in the news.

              CUTLER WINS IT.
              Flex Wheeler


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                If Cutlers on he will win if not then Greene will!

                Of course I dont think either will be worthy winners.
                RIP Hagen (blocked cock), RIP Elf (pancreas), RIP BigBenj (murder), RIP GFR (natural causes)


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                  I don't understand how some of you can say that Jay will win? Jays prime was in the 01. That year he was outstanding but that is a long time ago. He is not even close now.

                  Phil, Dex, Vic, Kai, Dennis wipes Jays ass.


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                    Originally posted by hollidae
                    yep, thats how it is. The previous champ will not place lower them 2nd place no matter how bad they are. Sad but true.


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                      I think dex might be a dark horse with his title defence, because hes had a proper offseason for once is life, im not saying he will win hands down but you have to take that into consideration right?
                      “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”- Winston Churchill


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                        one of the two,,

                        Its either Dexter or Martinez, i think both have super quality shape, conditioning together with size, unravelling a total quality package!


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                          i miss mentzer

                          Originally posted by Flex Wheeler View Post
                          Wow. Time will tell
                          my whole love for bodybuilding has never been more rejuvinated than the moment i steped foot on our local Booksale to look for the best bodybuilding mag i can find then I saw a mag i've never seen before, people say dont judge a book by its cover, but in this case, its Branch Warren under a monstrous leg press and it said "Hardcore special" so what the hell! and by the way its not a book, its a magazine, duh.. by the way that was the most condensed piece of material i've ever seen in a magazine ever i learned a lot. I have a question though, i wanted know whether you guys from MD ever consider Mike Mentzer a hardcore bodybuilder as well. since im a mentzer fan, and I miss seeing him in magazines, is it Possible for MD to publish an issue containing an article of Mike and his teachings in training, and way of life, in honor of a great bodybuilder. thanks, nothing but the best for MD!


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                            Victor Martines IF he's Shredded and Dry

                            I changed my mind....If vicotr Martinez comes in ripped to the bone and dry as hell....Forget it......I forgot just how wide and shaped this guy is.......holy Cartoon Caricatures batman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                              Sensing alot of love for how I see it;

                              If Jay came in 1 year ago on the button he would have won it again, same thing this time, he is the largest of the competitors and is very complete apart from a bit of skin on his back and a little asymetry.

                              If Victor had come in on the button then he would have beaten Kai at the AC. His size and shape is more than enough to compete with anyone, his biggest weakness would have been his leg and he has sorted that out, would be very disapointing to him having all that momentum to take the O and then get injured and never have won it.

                              So its between Jay and Victor with lots of if's in between lol. My personal choice would be Victor, but thats apples and not oranges........


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                                Phil Heath because he is young and very complete! His only flaw to me is his chest gets a bit lost with his crazy arms and delts! As Shawn says the man with the least amount of flaws wins!