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olympia on tv?

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    Jay Cutler just whipped your ass at the Olympia '09


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      they do show body building on espn still. The only one they show is muscle mania and one other one(natural shows) and they only show it on espn international.


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        Originally posted by Benington View Post
        Espn just showed the world championship mustache competition, they will show darts, billiards, NASCAR, fishing and more. Hell, 1st place this year at the bassmaster classic is $550,000 with over 1.2 million in prize money awarded. 1st place this year at the Mr O is $155,000. SERIOUSLY...some jackass hooks a big fish one day and gets half a million dollars and these guys train their whole life for what? Pennies. Not that its for the money but come on America.
        Thats because they have major sponsors like general motors and huge ass companys like that. Bodybuilding will be more main streamed in the future, it just has to go back to bodybuilders having bodys that most guys envy and want to look like instead of just saying "damn he fucking huge, but i would never want to be that big." I love BB, but i think the 202 and unders(most of em) display "healthy" muscle. I hope dex wins btw.


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          Originally posted by damien308 View Post
          yeah pretty sad that dog shows and hot dog eating contests get more tv time then bodybuilding.

          Its than not then and simple words our people in the sport cant spell are the sole reason our community has such a bad rap...
          Co-Promoter of the NPC "Royal Palm Classic"


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            So no stream or what?