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Dennis Wolf Trains Back: 1 week out from the Olympia

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    Originally posted by macker00001 View Post
    How much is Dennis weighing exactly in this video??

    This made me laugh

    alot more then kai


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      Originally posted by Swede View Post
      This made me laugh

      alot more then kai

      Dam straight...

      I catn see anyone else other than maybe Victor, Topping dennis and Kai, both have great work ethic


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        these videos are boring.

        make these guys hit poses next year they are a week out for christs sakes.


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          Originally posted by Mike Arnold View Post
          After hearing Dennis talk about his speculated competition weight when he was answering The MD community questions, I just about shit myself when I realized how good he is really going to be this year.

          He says he was 260 lb's last year, and he had good conditioning. This year.....

          He says he will weigh anywhere between 280-284 lb's shredded.

          He is currently sitting at 287 lb's at 1 week out. He is carb depleted and still has to load, so that will balance out his weight loss from dropping water.

          He is going to be the biggest man onstage and will eclipse everyone! He will look so much different from last year that his changes will be greater than Yates from 92' to 93'.
          He will be a different BB'r. I also think his condition will be better.

          VERY FEW BB'rs EVER gain 20-24 solid lb's of muscle in one year and whenever they do, and they compete at the level of the Mr. olympia, they shock the hell out of everyone.

          No one has ever done that except Coleman, I believe, so that puts his improvments in perspective.

          Did you see how damn big his legs looked when he was just sitting on the couch answering questions? HOLY SHIT! They're massive and so is everything else.

          I am going out on a limb and I'm going to say that Dennis could crack the top 3, or even 2.

          I think he can be good enough to beat just about everyone. I'm not saying he will, but I think the judges will be giving him some strong consideration for an upset of some sort.

          As good and pretty as heath is, he can't touch Wolf's size, height, width, or X-frame.

          Yes, Heath has an awsome appearance and looks huge by himself or next to smaller BB'rs, but that size advantage will be crushed when standing next to Wolf.
          Phil will have to rely solely on his aesthetics, shape, seperation and conditioning to beat Wolf, as he will look SMALL and narrow when standing next to him. He will be outweighed by at least 40 lb's, and Dennis has a small waist too! I am also pegging Dennis to be almost as dry as Heath, if he nails it. I hope he does man.

          All of Phil's advantages over other BB'rs will be minimized against Wolf, as Dennis's size will be just overpowering.

          If anyone comes in just a tad off, even holding just a little water, and Dennis is on, he will overtake any of them, period.

          I'm rooting for Wolf. He is my favorite professional BB'r.

          Kai? My guess is that he will look pretty damn big onstage as well, but even he will look small standing next to dennis.

          Can anyone even fathom how Dennis's most muscular will look this year? If anyone thought it was good last year, wait until you see it this year. He will re-set that standard for that pose and have the best most muscular ever.

          He will also own the front lat spread and no one will even be close!

          Right there, he takes 2 poses no matter who he stands against. If he is 280+ lb's shredded, the gap between the other poses will narrow considerably.

          I think were all in for a shock!

          Good Post. I think Dennis is really going to shock people this year.
          He and Chad made some mistakes last year, their first year working together. They won't make those mistakes this year.
          I can't wait to see what Dennis looks like this year.