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2009 Mr. Olympia Photo Observations

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  • 2009 Mr. Olympia Photo Observations

    Just going by the photos it looks like Jay is going to regain his crown. Dexter looks very good. I have him and Kai for 2nd and 3rd. Heath looks like he put on some size but doesn't necessarily look better for it. Dennis put on some size as well but still isn't as sharp as 2007. Victor is off the mark as well. Branch looks sick from the front. Melvin dialed it in but looks small compared to everyone else. Toney Freeman is "on". Here is my call

    1. Jay
    2. Dexter
    3. Kai
    4. Phil
    5. Victor
    "My claim to fame? I went from being obese as a child to being the most nasty ripped man in the building."

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    I agree but have Branch ahead of Victor

    Victor is a true hero just for being there after what he has been through
    If can't be bothered training today google the inspirational Stevie Zee


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      Branch 4th, Victor 5th


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        Jay looks amazing. If he doesnt win, then he will be robbed. He came back with avengence.