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202 PreJudging Written Assessment from Ron Harris

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  • 202 PreJudging Written Assessment from Ron Harris

    Check out Ron Harris' 202 Prejudging Assessment fresh from the 202 Stage:

    In the second edition of the 202 Showdown, which I personally feel should at least have the honor of including the title "Olympia" in it somewhere, defending champ David Henry seems to have a very solid lock on retaining his title. And in a case of déjà vu all over again, New York's Kevin English will wind up a very deserving second place.

    Henry isn't quite as sharp as the very best I have ever seen him, but he's just a smidgen away from that. His condition is still stellar, and more importantly he appears to be so much bigger and heavier than anyone else here - though of course he isn't. His upper body is so round, thick, and full that it literally seems to be bursting. And the famous Henry back is sicker than ever - rugged lumps of granite-hard muscle sprouting around his shoulder blades and spine. The one shot he totally dominates in is the most muscular. When he clasps his hands together in front of his wait, the crazy round fullness of his shoulders, traps, and chest is reminiscent of Kevin Levrone in his prime. If you can pinpoint one weak point on Dave, it's that his legs aren't quite as freaky - particularly the sweep of his quads. But that's just a small complaint about an otherwise awesome physique.

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