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Collegiate heavies????

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  • ccn916
    After looking at the comparison pics the only thing I can see is that his Chest isn't as thick as the kids standing next to him. Also in his rear double bicep he isn't flaring his lats so he isnt displaying his back to its best advantage in that shot. I mean I personally think he has the overall better physique but... I'm not a judge and I could be wrong

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  • Matt Davis
    started a topic Collegiate heavies????

    Collegiate heavies????

    How did this dude not win the whole show?

    Trey Smith - Far right - the guy that is bigger and leaner than everyone else!

    Look at all his pics and it doesn't make sense. He just seems the obvious winner, at least in the class.
    Maybe someone can shed some light on whatever I'm missing?!?!
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