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Toughest Men's Weight Class here at the USAs?

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  • Toughest Men's Weight Class here at the USAs?

    I think the Middleweights are going to be knock-down-drag-out fight.

    The Supers are never dry and crisp so they will be slogging for size and shape up on stage, but that's about it.

    For the Heavies; unless an unexpected comes out of the wood work, Alvisi should walk away with the win. Hany Rambod's made some good changes with Mark - Must be that FST-7 stuff.

    In the Light Heavies; there may be a bit of a scuffle, but unless between Hany Rambod and Brandon Ray the messed something up in the past three days, Brandon should be able to catch the circus ring.

    Now back to the Middle Weights:
    - Right off the bat Daryl Gee is coming in ripped and hard fresh off his win and overall at the Los Angeles Championships.
    - Scott Turner took 3rd last year, so he's banging to win one this year.
    - Shivas Higa is another that could get involved in this brawl fight.
    So, for the Middles, the Giant Killers, I can see a hard fight playing King of the Friggin' Mountain and then take out a Super for a Pro Card.

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    Scott Turner made Welterweights - so drop him the Middles (He's no longer a Giant Killer!)
    "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


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      Is Pateracki (sp?)..the guy who won Southern States doing the USA's...I think he would have a shot at the supers
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        Light Heavies will be tough. It's not going to be a walk in the park for Brandon Ray. Shawn Crump dropped a class and is a Lt Hvy and he's shredded, Troy Tate is peeled again this yr (he should've beat Brandon last year), Tamer is looking bad ass as well. I gotta say Chulsey doesn't impress me at all from weigh in pics. He lacks leg seperation and his back lags too much I think to be a factor for top 3. Never know though since they still have all day to dry out.