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Kris Lecomte USA's?

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  • Kris Lecomte USA's?

    anyone know what happened to kris?, i thought he was planning on competing in the heavys at the USA

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    I was looking for him too,I hope he does the nationals in november!


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      I spoke to Kris last week and he decided to forego the USAs as he had some personal issues that held him back from being his best. He WILL be competing at the North Americans however. hes a great guy and cant wait to see him there, as I will also be competing in the LHW class..he will be a HW this year though!


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        I plan on competing at the North Americans next month. I'm excited to say that I am now preparing under the guidance of 6x Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates. I recently signed with Dorian Yates Nutrition and I'm really amazed at the transformation my physique has made in such a short amount of time since I began working with him. I'm looking forward to bringing the best package that I ever have into this show.