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Road to the Arnold: Kai Greene Videos Thread

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    "Mass on the back, Yates!"


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      at that level of muscle mass and advancement in the sport how much of trainning change gonna make a difference. they should have made half of the video into anabolic talkshow.. kai, DY and oscar should have sit down and talked about the differences in juice. haha and they probly did so after the camera was turned off anyway..

      if average dedicated lifter applied Dorian's principles of training and diet in their life, is it gonna make a huge difference? probably not, maybe couple more lbs here and there more.. but it was educational, abit weird, overall good video. best of luck to Kai.


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        Hahaha, "let's get FUCKIN NASTY!"

        Epic video. I could watch Dorian train people all day.

        I think it was cool that Oscar worked out as well. I don't think he was being dramatic, he was just giving it all he had and he makes weird faces. It just looks funny when there's hardly any weight on the bar. And you can tell Kai is tired from diet.

        Hopefully they use what Yates showed them. I swear if any of the top bodybuilders trained as strict and intense as Yates they'd be the next Mr. O.

        Originally posted by Overlord View Post
        "Mass on the back, Yates!"


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          The man is 4 weeks out from his title defense he's already set in his ways, this pairing of kai and dorian would have worked better in the off season this close to a show were your in a routine and your in your comfort zone breaking away from that is very difficult i can tell you that from experience even if the advice is from dorian he's not going to feel very experimental 4 weeks out
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            I love how people are trash talking Oscar even though he probably knows 2 or 3 times as much about bodybuilding and nutrition than you. It's not everyday you get to train with Dorian Yates so obviously he's going to ask questions. You guys would probably be grunting and making stupid faces too if you we're working out with Dorian


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              Seems to me that Kai was getting a little annoyed by Dorian.
              Kai was mad so he went straight to the dead lift without any straps.

              Also Kai seemed to get annoyed when Dorian disrespected Oscar.

              Over all great videos.
              "Go Big Or Go Home"


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                two different bodybuilders, two different styles of training, Kai knows his shit, Dorian knows his shit, Kai doesnt wanna fuckin have somebody telling him what to do, he has Oscar help him do what he wants to do but not tell him what to do, this segment was forced by steve and it was a complete fail you could tell by Kai's first statement that he didnt wanna be there.


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                  Originally posted by otus View Post
                  These guys are f*ing morons!!! How hard is it to follow simple direction!??!

                  It's not like Dorian is asking them to find the derivative of the secant line of f(x).

                  Oscar is a JOOOOOOOKKEEEE!!!! His ass is out of breath on the stairmaster going slow as hell. C'mon dude, kids have more stamina than Oscar.

                  Oscar thinks he was in Blood and Guts! He was so nice, then when he does the first lat exercise he's moaning, screaming, likes hes doing some heavy weights.

                  They both had to use straps for 225 deadlifts. Thats pathetic. Dorian put oscars ass in place, telling him that he "needs to start putting some f*ing weight" on the deadlift. Oscar did 10 reps for 225 and was way to dramatic.

                  Kai is a dumbass. He thinks he some sort of guru, talking like he's smart. He tries to use big words but he just can't pull it off. He's always trying to make his speeches legendary like if his words are going to be compared to Gandhi. He looked like a boy, taking advice from he never knew how to workout or something. He couldn't even do the first exercise the right way...WHAT A DUMBASS!! How many times does Dorian have to explain to this fool how to do it!!??

                  When 6 time Mr. O tells you to start squeezing, then slower on the negative, YOU do it. You don't start swinging like your on a swing set. They didn't even appriate his advice, Dorian was showing them out to do it and they didn't even listen. He told them not to use straps and they didn't listen.

                  Oscar is grunting too much, like he's a champion. He's fat!!! Out of shape!! No wonder Dorian didn't like him or Kai.

                  Kai couldn't even do the deadlift like Dorian told him. Kai kept touching the ground, bouncing the weight, he didn't even squeeze like Dorian said.

                  These people so stupid, they can't even take simple directions!!! And OSCAR is trainning Kai?!?!?! What a joke.!!

                  Kai also eat pounds of tilapia a day, his dumbass thinks that its good!??!?! Tilapia has more Omega 6 fatty acids then bacon and donuts. Tilapia has 11 times Omega 6 than Omege 3. Omega 6 clogs up arteries, is basically the oposite of Omega 3.

                  They are also talking about the law of attraction like there some spiritual saviors. "Mind muscle connection, blah blah blah, visualization, blah blah, Kai visualizes winning the Mr. O. in our mind he already won the Mr.O, blah blah blah, if you see it in your mind the it will manifest, blah blah" nothing but crap.

                  His ass got 4th not 3rd, not 2nd, and definitely not 1rst. How did that bullsH*t work for you guys (oscar and kai) ?!?!?! hahaha

                  Jay Cutler didn't do visualization, he beat you. Branch Warren didn't do visualization, he beat you. Dexter Jackson didn't do visualization, he beat you. I'm not saying 4th is bad, I'm saying that they claimed that law of attraction/visualization works, so obviously that law of attraction/visualization BS that they've been brainwashed to believe doesn't work.

                  I'll make a prediction, Oscar will get a heart attack before Kai wins Mr. O. And Kai is going to get 3rd or 4th in the arnold. Wait and see.

                  maybe just a tad overboard...but for the most part i agree...


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                    Great video! Yeah Kai and Oscar did get schooled but we all can get schooled, because none of us here knows it all! Dorian is a BEAST!


                    • Oscar is too hilarious. "FUCK..AHHH!!!"

                      L-O-L. Good vid Robbie.


                      • who is that dorian dude. he dont even look like a bodybuilder. oscar is a fat bum
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                        • stop talking shit about Oscar man wtf is wrong with you guys.. like seriously


                          • Originally posted by pistolthedon View Post
                            who is that dorian dude. he dont even look like a bodybuilder. oscar is a fat bum
                            DAMNIT PISTOL!!!

                            Who is that 'Dorian dude'?? You better watch your mouth when you address the Shadow himself.


                            • throw in some branch and we have the perfect bb vid
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                              • lol at the people trashing Oscar and only have like 2 posts...The man knows his shit...Dorian schooled them yea but at the same time Oscar can school Dorian in some areas