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Road to the Arnold: Kai Greene Workouts

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    • Originally posted by jasonrjoseph View Post
      Training like shit u clown? Listen Dorian trains like he does because it fits him if anybody talking shit about kai and his non receptive behavior took the time to realize hes not going to train like him 4weeks from a contest much less the arnold and another thing ever notice dorian trains every body the same way he trains himself, he doesn't even squat you really expect kai to do that u also expect him to stop pulling his deadlifts off the floor to ya right The fucking guy was doing a pump session hes not going to have a hard core work out 4 days form a show u douche
      tell it like it is jason some of theses guys dont know nothing about the sports of body building


      • [quote=MisterGX;1926947]
        Originally posted by Mike Arnold View Post

        He could/would have played along if this was shot 6 weeks earlier. As far as pointers for his back work, I think Kai got more out of the one/two weeks of working with Glass. Kai has improved in pec & delt areas (more is needed & might show this weekend). And Dorian is the last person to ask for pointers when it comes to arms period. I'm not saying Dorian doesn't know his shit, because he does. Some of his choices for back, I incorporate in my own workout (reverse grip rows). But to say his way is the only/best way is incorrect. Is Dorain's way of deadlifting more correct than say Ronnie's? Everyone is right in their own way. But let's do these pro pairing workouts when everyone is fully carbed...

        The pointers I was talking about didn't really have to do with exercise selection and I also underdtand Kai was only with him for about an hour, not 2 weeks like Glass.

        Also, I am not talking about right vs wrong styles of training. I am taking about set in stone rules, or the science of muscle function, called kinesiology.

        The fact is, there is a right and a wrong way (or should I say a better and worse way) to individually work each muscle with each particular exercise, as each muscle has a specific function and range of motion with each exercise through which it is optimally activated when taken through.

        The science of muscle function, which tells us how to target and put optimal stress on each muscle with each particular exercise while working the muscle through a specific path of resistance for best results, does not change and we could all improve the way we perform several exercises, even if we know better in certain instances, but just remain in our errors through an unwillingness to change.

        So, it isn't about styles, such as sets, reps, program structure, etc, but about what I described above and which Kai most definitely could benefit from.

        Also, your statement that Dorian is the last person to ask about pointers for arms shows a lack of understanding when it comes to muscular development and muscular development know how. One's level of development often does NOT directly correlate with their level of knoweldge.

        The fact thay Dorian had lagging arms has everything to do with factors outside of his control and not an understanding of arm training and muscle function.

        Don't forget, prior to Dorian tearing his bicep in 1994, he did not have lagging arms. In fact, Dorian's arms measured around 22 inches at the time and where bigger than many all the other top pros of the time, if you were to put the tape around them.

        There was no way Dorian could ever have been able to even maintian his bicep size, let alone build them up with the rest of his body, after a tear that left his bicep practically 50% gone!

        His triceps, while great in some poses, were not blessed with very full muscle bellies, although he did a lot with what he had.

        Genetics and an injury was the ONLY reason they did not match his back, not his knolwedge or understanding of how to make them grow. To suggest otherwise shows ignorance in this matter.
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        • Originally posted by lilyankee View Post
          tell it like it is jason some of theses guys dont know nothing about the sports of body building

          ....and some know a hell of a lot!


          • Originally posted by lightsoutlekina View Post
            i dont understand y some of u guys say that kai isnt listening hes always that way in all his videos , look at the ones with charles glass hes the same way hes always all tired and shit when hes dietin but i dwouldnt ay that hes not listening

            What the fuck are you talking aboout? LOL. He is NOT listening...are you blind?


            • Originally posted by SuperMasko View Post
              I thought I red somewhere that some people have more explosive muscle fibers while other have the slower ones, something like fast twice muscle fibers I can't remember. So wouldnt Dorians method not work as good for the guys who have more explosive muscle fiber?


              Controling the weight has nothing to do with an individual's amount of fast or slow twitch muscle fibers, as if fast twitch fibers inhibit one from being able to slow down and control the movement.

              Hah! That made me laugh a little bit.


              • Originally posted by Turkishprimo View Post
                at that level of muscle mass and advancement in the sport how much of trainning change gonna make a difference. they should have made half of the video into anabolic talkshow.. kai, DY and oscar should have sit down and talked about the differences in juice. haha and they probly did so after the camera was turned off anyway..

                if average dedicated lifter applied Dorian's principles of training and diet in their life, is it gonna make a huge difference? probably not, maybe couple more lbs here and there more.. but it was educational, abit weird, overall good video. best of luck to Kai.

                This is in the top 3 dumbest statements I've heard in the last 12 months in the No-bull section.

                So, you think the "average" lifter isn't going to get much results by implementing Dorian's style of training the way he prescribes it, or if they follow his diet, as he used to use himself?

                I don't know who in the hell you think you are, but 99.99% of lifters could make improvments in they trained at ate at Dorian's level. Wow, I am blown away by that statment!

                You must have started following the sport after Dorian retired from the stage, as Dorian was one of the hardest training men of all time. His intensity was excruciatingly high while targeting each specific muscle down to the last fiber and he was extremely meticulous about everything he ate, weighing everything to the ounce even in the offseason.

                I have so much respect for Dorian that I can't even read statements like that without getting irritated.


                • [quote=spanish lion;1919157]two different bodybuilders, two different styles of training, Kai knows his shit, Dorian knows way more shit.

                  Bolded for truth.


                  • Originally posted by Miami Muscle View Post
                    lol at the people trashing Oscar and only have like 2 posts...The man knows his shit...Dorian schooled them yea but at the same time Oscar can school Dorian in some areas


                    No, he can't.


                    I would like you to back up your statement with facts and tell us one damn area of BB'ing where Oscar knows more than Dorian.


                    • Originally posted by biceps View Post
                      why is everybody treating training like it is fucking rocket science? , I hate seing these Ex-pros and "training gurus" making huge dollars, telling people what worked for them. personal training should be left for those with certificates or people with a degree in sports science. I bet dorian or charles glass or any other guru knows jack shit about sarcomeres and actin-myosin crossbridges..

                      Are you fucking serious? Don't ever post something so stupid again. You should be slapped for being such a moron!

                      Hearing you say that a personal trainer with a "certificate" would be better at personal training and getting results than someone like Dorian Yates or Charles Glass shows your massive level of pitiful ignorance. Stupidity in the highest.

                      I have not seen as many assinine posts in this thread as I have witnessed in MD online in a LONG time! It is simply blowing me away!

                      Do you really think some no name with certification is better than Dorian at knowing how to best bring about results in a BBr? I am about to vomit from such stupidity. Wretchhh!

                      Do you really think someone having a sports sceince degree qualifies someone to train a pro BB'r just because they graduated from school? I am fainting from the retardation here.

                      One thing you will learn in this sport is that knowledge of it comes primarily through it's continued application and devoted, year on end reading about everything related to BB'ing, as well as learning from all those that came before you.

                      The vast amount of information that is to be learned in order properly apply every facet of the BB'ing lifestyle (which gets more in depth as a pro with all that contest prep invloves) can NEVER be learned in chool or from some stupid ass certification course.

                      You have a lot to learn brother. If wouldn't pay some 24 year old who just graduated from school and got his "certification" one damn cent of my money to train me because he won't know SHIT, but Dorian and Charles Glasse's knowledge is immense and cannot be learned from a school; it takes decades to learn everything those men have

                      You don't know dick. Think about what you say before you disrespect 2 of thew world's greatgest trainers with your ignorance.

                      Your post is going to the dunce list in the pit. Good job.


                      • Originally posted by BGJimmy View Post
                        mate I am a PT and I will tell you something 90% of pt's (sports science degress etc) don't have a fucking clue, the certicates arn't woth the fucking paper there written on! it's actually scary!

                        Thanks you for posting that. I was waiting for someone to call out that ignorance. He has permanently lost all respect; at least for the next several years on MD.


                        • Originally posted by 1bigrod View Post
                          I have seen pics over the last week and TRUST ME KAI LOOKS BIGGER AND BETTER THAN HE HAS EVER BEEN BEFORE A TOTAL FREAK! I want to come back and hear what all you have say come sat when the new Kai is unleashed and dominates the ASC. I love Branch and I am a huge fan of his and would also love to see him win or give Kai a run for his money. However, at 275-280 at 5'8 and fing shredded he will be tough to beat! Anyone care to make a friendly bet? I'll put up a can of Epoblast or Eponox that he wins! Come on all you experts hiding behind your keyboard....I'll be at the Xero Limits booth all weekend to collect my winnings!!!

                          I sure do hope he comes out how you are describing him Rodney.
                          I don't knock on doors motherfucker I knock doors over. -Flex Wheeler


                          • Originally posted by Boxer702 View Post
                            Seems to me that Kai was getting a little annoyed by Dorian.
                            Kai was mad so he went straight to the dead lift without any straps.

                            Also Kai seemed to get annoyed when Dorian disrespected Oscar.

                            Over all great videos.
                            I'm just seeing these. That was my intial feeling too. Don't know if it's accurate but I did sense that. Great videos. I would love to see Dorian go around and train with all the guys. He was very informative and highly entertaining. His sense of humor is dry and deliberate..Loved it MD


                            • These videos are unbelievable! This is the funniest stuff I've ever seen. How can you not humor a 6X Mr. Olympia when he is training you?
                              "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology ... Better. Stronger. Faster."


                              • Originally posted by BenBach View Post
                                You've just got to watch his video to see the form he uses... Practice what he preaches comes to mind!
                                Thanks, I have seen his video(s); Blood & Guts. I'll have to watch again and look closer, and maybe on a larger screen,..but,.. from memory,.. Dorian does seem to "loosen" his form when going very heavy,..particularlly on his heavy bent over barbell rows(70 degree). His range of motion shortens, he doesn't get the bar to his waist quite, and does tend to use more momentum to get the bar moving from the bottom,..but I'll watch it again.