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2010 IFBB Figure International Finals

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  • 2010 IFBB Figure International Finals

    Iíve said the same thing about Figure that a lot of you have said Ė I donít really know what the judges are looking for. I still canít say I have the answer for that, but itís safe to say that whatever qualities a Figure pro is supposed to embody, Nicole Wilkins-Lee must certainly have them.

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    I thought the comment about the "younger" girls having and advantage was just silly. The majority of figure girls are under 35 so therefore the majority will always place better than the minority. Jen Gates was in her 30's. I don' think age has anything to do with anything in any category.

    I am seeing a consistent look in figure now. That top 6 didn't surprise me one bit. Figure does want a look that is not as lean as before and they are rewarding it. They also want nice proportionality and a confident beautiful package. I think the top 6 was pretty much perfect although I'm sure many won't because figure is more subjective than anything else.


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      I want to figure to pattern itself after body fitness in Europe. A more muscular look.


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        Originally posted by ibarramedia View Post
        I want to figure to pattern itself after body fitness in Europe. A more muscular look.
        Many do but then it become bodybuilding posing in figure poses. I think all 4 categories finally have distinct looks judging from the the placings.


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          I think it is obvious they want the more attractive girls with a body that is more reasonable.


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            we all like what we like and what ever the judges were looking for this year in figure I like it..its just the look I like...clean, thin and maker...all the girls looked great and congrats to my friend and co worker Mindi Smith who took 4th..
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              Well...I'm not going to go for or against the direction...yet. I can say that me, I think figure and bikini are dangerously getting close to being one and the same, minus a couple of things.

              And before you call me a figure and/or bikini hater, I'm NO hater of ANY division, as I've been up to bat for the ladies for what seems like forever. Ask anybody.