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2010 Arnold Prejudging Comparisons Video: Armchair judges, this is for you!

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    Originally posted by Carlton Pratt View Post
    Phil looked Better, IMO, Kai is a Beast though, no doubt. I think it was close, Phil Needs to put on a little more size in his legs and just work on coming in condition, I would hate to see him mess up his lines in quest for more and more size.

    Did you just say Phil needs to work on coming into the show into condition, or did you mean that Phil nees to continue coming into the show in great condition?

    If you meant Phil needs to work on his condition, as you said, this is my response below..........

    I almost didn't address this stupidity, as Phil at the Arnold was by far the most conditioned BB'r at the show and is in the top3 BEST conditioned BB'rs in the entire wolrd!

    Phil was in unbelievable condition. Do you know what condition means? Are you blind? ....and don't give some smart ass retort because you are the one that said, not me!

    Phil had amazing condition and every single Judge, audience member and BB'ing fan in the WORLD ALL agrees that Heath was in fucking killer condition and blew away Kai in that department by leaps and bounds.

    Heath was so much better conditioned than Kai that you can't even come close to putting the two in the same league when it comes to condition, period!

    If you meant he needs to keep coming into shows in great condition, then of course, I agree with that and so does everyone else.


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      Originally posted by oldtimmy View Post
      does anyone think that phil needed some oil and darker color?


      Not only was Phil better than Kai even with these deficiencies, but if he was 30% darker and had more oil, he would have been even more amazing.


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        Originally posted by MsGuns View Post
        I didnt go to the men's show but I did talk to the head judge.
        Once I got home and watched the vid of the finals...
        To me KAI was getting harder after the final comparisons and as they were standing there waiting on the awards...PHIL was real relaxed and not even flexing...

        Im still going w/ KAI BUT I dont get how PHIL was up by 3 and KAI overtook him at the finals...

        Ive never seen that maybe by 1 point but 3...

        Im still tryin to get a judge friend to explain this one to me...

        But the head judge said CLEARLY Kai was the winner and he told me to tell the online people next time be at the show and sit as close as he was and you will see why the judges picked KAI as the winner.

        I think this Judge converstaion clearly gives us our answer by the LACK of answers.

        It's funny that the Judge told you Kai was the clear winner, but that same Judge scored Heath higher in pre-judging and then refused to give you an answer on how Phil lost a 3 point lead when you asked him. LOL. I think that explains everything.

        You see, these Judges know damn well that if they told you exactly why and how they awarded points in the posddown (because it's always different from show to show depending on how someone feels), that you would be pissed and wouldn't think it was very fair. Instead, they choose not to answer at all.



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          Originally posted by bigswole300 View Post
          aint the show pretty much figure out by the end of prejudging anyway?so if phil won the prejudging i mean he looked a little different but not enough to have lost the show imo

          No, even Shawn said in a video interview that the Arnold Finals appeared to count more than the pre-judging.

          It isn't supposed to be that way, but the Judges leave the judging over 2 rounds (even though they have already completely compared and judged all the physiques fully), so that they can change placings around for any reason they want.

          There is absolutely NO accountability or reasons given as to how they judge at the posedown or what is looked for when judging the posedown. We know one thing is certain, it is NOT only the physiques being judged. The thing is, that's the way they want it.


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            Originally posted by jasonrjoseph View Post
            It funny how you dont notice things the first time around. Phil is rubbing him self like every two seconds trying to fix his lack of oil situation and the lights were washing him out why the hell wasn't he darker all of these things affect the score Kai's presentation was just so much better to be honest i thought Phil looked better at night and kai faded the scores are backwards! But i still think Kai winning was just. Hes just so over powering in so many shots
            i agree,
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              Originally posted by MsGuns View Post
              Not true...
              just spoke to another judge from the Arnold...

              he says it all depends on the show and what they are looking for...

              Nice answer for a great way to give no answer at all. Let me interpret this comment from the head Judge below........

              Fan: How much does both the pre-judging and the posedown count toward the judging?

              Judge: Well, it all really matters on what show your at and what Judges are on the panel.

              Fan: Really? I mean, isn't there any set criteria for judging a physique so that BB'rs know what to do to win?

              Judge: No.

              Fan: Well, what are you looking for at the pre-judging compared to the finals?

              Judge: It all just depends. It could be a number of things.

              Fan: Ohh, but what is the point of having 2 sperate rounds where you judge the physique 2 different times?

              Judge: They are both for judging the physique.

              Fan: But what's the difference? What are you looking for at each round?

              Judge: I can't tell you because if I did, you would get pissed and say that BB'ing judging is a farse and poorly set-up.

              Fan: Ouch! Well, why did Phil Heath lose the Arnold after winning the pre-judging by 3 points? Didn't you fully compare everyone at the pre-judging?

              Judge: Yes, we did, but what we were looking for at pre-juding and what we were looking for at the night show were different, depending on a variety of factors. (such as who's the past champion, who dances better, who has better stage presence, who poses better, who we like, who has more energy, who gets a louder crowd response, who controls the stage, who has more confidence or any number of other things depending on what we are looking for on that day. Most of them are not related to the physique, as you can see when a BB'r wins the pre-judging but loses the show, but be quiet about that one. Most of the fans don't like that)

              Fan: So basically, we just need to take your word for it that the judgung is the best it can be and not ask questions that really don't get answered?

              Judge: Yes, that is correct. If you just play along and don't speak you mind, you won't get suspended like Lee Priest for 2 years and everyone will just be happier. Don't ever question shaky judging because this is a subjective sport that will never make it into the Olympics because we have no set rules, guidelines or criteria for making this sport's judging as accurate as possible. Leave that to the other forms of subjective judging, like ice skating and the rest of the world of sports. We BB'ing judges like keep things as confusing and illogical as possible, so that when tough questions get asked, we have an easy way out.

              Fan: Ok, I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks.

              Judge: No problem.
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                Originally posted by soon2bswoll View Post
                How could I not have noticed such a huge difference? He lost quite a bit.

                Here are a few things to remmeber when looking at these photos.

                1. Phil is not flexing his glutes in the one pic. When you look at other pics from the night show, you can see his glutes are striated 1like in pre-judging

                2. There is a black backdrop at the pre-judging. Black backdrops ALWAYS make an athlete appear more defined when photographed against it in comparison to lighter or multi-color backdrops. This is common physique photography knowledge.

                3. The stage lights are much brighter at the night show. They turn them brighter for the audience. Bright lights fade definition a LOT. Heath not being dark enough made the bright lights at the night show hurt him more than Kai, who is much darker.

                All these factors make a huge difference between what you see in one photo compared to the other.


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                  Originally posted by AlexPaul View Post
                  Heath didnt slip that much, masko just posted the pic where heath isnt flexing his glutes 100%.
                  Heres some better ones from the night show.



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                    Originally posted by Julienne_Salad View Post

                    Let go of what? This thread? The purpose of this thread is for the "posters" to be able to judge the BB'rs physiques, so if you don't want to read a posters asessment that is in line with the threads intention, then GET FUCK OUT TROLL!


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                      Originally posted by JT1225 View Post
                      Phil Heath got robbed. No way did Kai get that much better and Phil that much worse from prejudging to the finals.
                      Absolutely right!!!


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                        Mike, thats what the judge told me bc he didnt judge the men but here is another txt from him:
                        that PHIL could have gotten 1st in the 1st round, 3rd/4th in the 2nd round and 3rd in the 3rd round. If KAI was ahead of him in the 2nd and 3rd rounds then KAI wins!
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                          Does no one else think phil's narrowness might be what throws him off
                          I think he is a great bb one of my fav's but HIs narrowness in chest and even
                          legs really makes it look something is missing where is kai looks more complete?

                          It was close but I think Kai deserved the win


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                            HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS HILARIOUS DUDE.....WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHIL GOT FUCKIN RIPPED OFF BIG TIME


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                              Lol, I think phil looked "narrow" when he first turned pro... Now, not so much..
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                                think the judging was correct don't think it was as big of a difference but heres what i think judges look for little things like not flexing your abs and glutes considering that Kai and Phil are amazing its the little things that set them aside theres no more blowouts in bodybuilding after Coleman's reign ended so they have to go to the smaller details Kai stay sharp while heath missed the opportunity but its just my opinion congrats on kai for retaining his title