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Finals Write Up & Results! John Simmons Detroit Pro Scorecards HERE

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  • Finals Write Up & Results! John Simmons Detroit Pro Scorecards HERE

    Finals Write up:

    2010 John Simmon's IFBB Detroit 202 & Bikini Pro Review
    Shawn Ray

    The final results came down in Motown Saturday, September 18th after the 6th 202 Olympia Showdown Qualifier of the year concluded and the last man standing onstage with his hands raised in victory was none other than the 2009 Jacksonville Champion, Stan McQuay!

    Stan from the start stood out in the largest 202 Line up of the year with 19 competitors vying for the three open slots to head back to Las Vegas this coming weekend to face the Best 202lb Bodybuilders in the world! Complete from head to toe albeit holding a slight film of water over a very complete and polished physique, Stan admitted he was holding back a bit to peak for next week's showdown! Arguably, Stan was the biggest of the 202's onstage in terms of "Size" but still a tad shallow in the Back depth and Chest thickness departments. With his FiancÚ by his side, Stan stated, "I came here to simply try and qualify for the Olympia Showdown but to win the entire show and the $5,000 was icing on the cake! I'm looking forward to showcasing my improvements against some of the guys who beat me last year in Las Vegas, then I will know it has all been worth it. Business has been slow in this economy and the opportunity to compete has been costly, this victory has proven to me that my efforts have not been in vain!"

    The 1st Runner up and bridesmaid to McQuay's debut in Professional Bodybuilding back in Jacksonville, Florida last year was once again the vastly improved, Daryl Gee.

    Daryl for the second straight year placed second to Stan but was equally as improved he was bigger, thicker and just as hard as Stan, the difference was that Daryl packed on nearly 15lbs of muscle using some very different training techniques and training camp up in Colorado, Springs for the past 10 weeks! The investment paid off for Daryl who weighed in at 193lbs but is looking to bring a tad bit more detail next week when he looks for redemption against McQuay and company in the 3rd annual installment of the Olympia Showdown in Las Vegas.

    Ricky "Tricky" Jackson rounded out the Top 3 as he once again found himself qualifying for the third time this year for a trip back to the Olympia Showdown! For the second consecutive time this year, Ricky got the Bronze Medal for his efforts yet surprisingly was very optimistic about being consistent in his placing. He stated, "Shawn, I didn't come to Detroit to finish in third place, I came to win! That said, both Stan and Daryl were very tough 202 competitors both of whom I have beaten before and plan on beating again next week. I will change a few things but not much and when the dust settles in Vegas the tables will turn in my favor and I will have won the War but tonight they won the Battle."

    Our 4th place finalist was veteran IFBB Pro, Mark Dugdale who had the best "Tan" of all the 202 competitors while showcasing a balanced and polished physique onstage. What killed it for Mark is he was a tad soft in the wrong places. His Posing was fluid and his mandatory's flawless but the slight film of water that plagued his body left room for him to get squeezed out of the final Olympia Showdown qualifying spot. While this was in fact the final 202 Qualifying Pro show of the year before next week's Showdown, one has to wonder if Mark will reappear at the Sacramento Pro in November or pack it if for the year and look toward 2011 for improvements to his Back depth and Arm size while tightening up and solving the water issue.

    Rounding out the top 5 was Fifth Place Finalist and hometown favorite, 49 year old NPC Master's National Champion, Lawrence Hunt.
    While Lawrence initially was in the 1st Call out during prejudging, by the end if the round he was left out of a second look at what seemed to be the Top 4 Finalists leaving him to wonder whether he was 1st or 5th? Lawrence was dry and hard especially in his lower body but his upper torso seemed a bit long and shallow. To compete with these younger guys Lawrence will have to find a way to bring his upper body up to the level of development his lower body is in. he was vascular, detailed and prime however, his Abs lacked depth and his Pecs needed a bit more thickness to be more competitive from what I could tell. Still, for 49 years old, Lawrence has a lot to be proud of beating out 14 other would be Finalist who came to the Motor City as far away as Israel, Germany, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Canada!

    In closing out the weekend's events, the IFBB Pro Bikini to 3 Finalists included the winner, Noemi Olah from Hungary who won this year's Amateur Arnold Classic.

    First year IFBB Bikini Pro, Christy Merritt who finished in Second place was closely followed by the final Ms. Bikini Finalist in 3rd, Dina Al Sabah a former IFBB Pro Figure Winner of the 2003, Jan Tana Classic! All three ladies will be participating in the very first Ms. Bikini Olympia Competition held in concert with the 45th edition of the Joe Weider Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada next weekend!

    Special thank you to promoter, John Simmons and his partner, Jennifer Peckham for their continued efforts to promote the sport of Bodybuilding and creating opportunities for these athletes to fulfill their dreams!
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    Dang you are quick with those score sheets. Thanks.


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      No prob!


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        thanks for your quickly answers !!! , stan mac winner is a big surprise for me , gee 2 great , tricky 3E ok , but dugdall 4 WHY ???


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          Originally posted by DIMI View Post
          thanks for your quickly answers !!! , stan mac winner is a big surprise for me , gee 2 great , tricky 3E ok , but dugdall 4 WHY ???
          Well, if you break the score down, at least one judge thought Dugdale was 3rd. If not, Tricky would have had a score of 15, and Dugdale 20.

          The fact that we're looking at a 16 and 19 shows us that one judge thought their placings should be reversed.

          But there was no argument with Stan taking 1st and Daryl taking second.


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            HUGE shout out to PD Devers! Top 5 out of 19 in his first IFBB Pro competition. Way to go PD!


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              IMO Amit got screwed
              Though the pain may come over you, never let it overcome you.


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                Thanks for the quick score cards Adina!


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                  Dugdale in 4th? BULLSH*T!!!