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  • Posedown Battle in the 202s


    • Bikini Awards


      • Originally posted by DK77 View Post
        reading and comprehension is not your best subject I see
        lol,nah I just didnt have time to argue with a fucktard anymore.


        • Originally posted by Robbie Durand View Post
          Darrem Charles, Betty Pariso, Ed Pariso and even Andy Haman boogie on stage

          LOL at haman.


          • hi flex the legend good reportage jose look verry tight,iam impressive


            • DH got ROBBED!

              Oh well, he'll show up for the O


              • Europa Battle of Champions

                Women's Bodybuilding Posedown


                • Originally posted by The Big Sleep View Post
                  DH got ROBBED!

                  Oh well, he'll show up for the O
                  DH's conditioning was not near his best. Not O conditioning for sure. His left quad now looks noticeably smaller than the right. Anyone?

                  I think DH may not have had this show as his main target. He quite possible will peak and be better in the next show if that is his plan. He was already prequalified for the O so this was not an O qualifier for him. Maybe a tune up or dry run?

                  Jose had slighlty better conditioning from the rear. I cannot say personally how I would have placed one over the other either way. I was surprised by it however. Maybe Jose is now moving up as a reall 202 O crown threat?
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                  • 2010 Europa Battle of Champions
                    Open Comparisons and Posedown

                    Featuring Troy Alves, Johnnie Jackson, Leo Ingram, Ed Nunn, Ben White, Michael Kefalianos


                    • Great coverage everyone.....
                      Muscular Development Forum Rules :.


                      • Hmmm I am very surprised by all of the winners, Bridgite, Jose and Ed Nunn...

                        But I suspect this wasnt a fair show...
                        Yesterday Yewbaka wrote at **.. my prediction is Ed, Troy and Ben..
                        Someone asked him, you predict Ed to win and Ben to come third??

                        He said, its my prediction, my opinion is that Ben is the winner.

                        When prejudging started almost everyone said, Ben is even better this week and is the CLEAR winner!
                        Whateva, I liked Eds package so I am ok with that.

                        But Troy second and Ben third is insane!

                        DH beating Jose is a joke, what kind of judging is this! Seriously!
                        Branch wrote, DH is the best 202 in the world when he saw him ( mini coleman etc )... earlier in this thread..

                        Well since I have done bookmaking for over 10 years I can tell you there are no clean sports out there.
                        This is just another example of incorrect resulting.

                        That said, both Jose and Ed are 2 favourites of mine so nice going both of you.


                        • bodybuilding? Surely you jest!
                          "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology ... Better. Stronger. Faster."


                          • HAHA, Nick Medici beat Cody Lewis in the Teen Nationals. If that isnt proof enough that money beneath the table is the way to go I dont know...

                            I am starting to get really pissed off now.

                            It doesnt belong in this thread, but it does connect to the above.
                            Cody Lewis completely CRUSHED NICK! Its like Ronnie at his best against Mike Liberatore at his worst and still loosing


                            • Originally posted by sadie7869 View Post
                              you are either blind, stupid or just love to argue.. Pic 1 isnt even in contest shape and you can see the bicep tie in to the delt and definition on the muscle belly.. in contest shape you should see that times 10.. NOPE its just a big round smooth ball now.. thank god you arent a judge if you really think those 2 look the same
                              Dude your so wrong its painful, Those two pictures look identical in terms of biceps definition, shape etc. I suggest instead of posting, you get a job, make sum money and buy that brain you got God to put on lay away for you.


                              • Im soo glad Nunn got this win, amazing phyique deserves the win. Special mention gos to Leo, that guy came outta nowhere, absolute monster. With some better conditioning he could have took the whole show. Judges deserve to be impaled for teen and 202 winners though. How the hell did Jose beat DH? DH owned on everything except for legs.