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PACKED WITH STAGE PICS & VIDEOS! Europa FINALS Play-By-Play w/Centopani & Warren

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      Oscar Dextar, Tahiti

      tall guy huge ton of size needs better condition and sep, esp in quads has plenty of muscle so far I am a little disappointed aside from Troy no one has been in great condition

      Oscar Dextar, Tahiti

      Recent placings:

      2009 Atlantic City Pro (9th)
      2009 Europa Show of Champions-Orlando (14th)
      2009 Grand Prix, Australia


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        Damasco Chacon- Conditioning is off. Needs a few more weeks.

        Darrem Charles- Always looks good. I've seen him shredded though and he's not all the way there. Really cool routine... the crowd liked it.

        Constantinos Demetriou- Nice phsyique. Balanced. Hard. Full.

        Oscar Dextar- Big guy. Stronger from the front than the back. Nice physique but needs to be better conditioned.


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          Oleg Emelyanov

          no quad sweep at all upr body is good good chest could be good if he imprves legs and comes in harder


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            Originally posted by Evan Centopani View Post
            Ed and Betty Pariso are dancing on stage. Now female bb ers are throwing frisbees into the crowd. What the hell is happening?! I wish they were throwing cheeseburgers into the crowd, I'm starving.


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              Erik Fankhouser

              weak calves - just kidding
              what the fuck is up with the blue hair? legs and calves are ridiculous out of balance still needs to fill out upper body i had the same problem just takes time and a lot of hard work
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                Oleg Emelyanov, USA

                Recent placings:
                2010 PBW Championships (16th)
                2009 Ironman Pro (16th)


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                  George Farah

                  I told him he had to represent the team! (he's Team MD and does my diet) grainy hard condition spot on arms are sick heard he was flat last night def fuller now said he wants to qual for O so he can be backstage with me at the Olympia hope he gets it


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                    Erik Fankhouser, USA

                    Recent placings:
                    2010 New York Pro (5th)
                    2008 Europa Super Show (10th)


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                      George Farah, USA

                      Recent Placings:
                      2009 Pittsburgh 202 Pro (5th)
                      2009 Europa Show of Champions (7th)


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                        oh shit, now he's dancing popping and locking crowd is going nuts


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                            Oleg Emelyanov- BOOM! Tina Turner! "Simply the best". That takes balls! I like this song. Monster chest on this guy. Needs more legs and conditioning.

                            Erik Fankhouser- THE HOUSE! Spoke to Erik and he indicated he had some trouble with his water/sodium. He didn't feel that he was at his best. I can say that compared to his showing in New York, he's not 100%. He'll be better at the Olympia!

                            George Farah- The Pro Maker! Legs are hard as hell! Really good showing for George. Good fullness and conditioning. Gettting better as he poses. Wow he's getting crazy in his routine!


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                              Leo Ingram

                              HUGE! bigger than ever quads, arms, sholders, all thick I like his physique a lot, very powerful looking also served USA in Navy 20 yrs best cond I've seen from him as a pro nobody tonight will be bigger than Leo


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                                Leo - big huge and freaky, that's what bb is all about

                                Johnnie Jackson
                                my training partner wants to win this show real bad this whole week training hard inc bb 405 200-pound db rows looks good ton of size I'm a little biased, but I want to see him win I see him in the gym every day and I know how hard he worked for this
                                freaking back on him is sick
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