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2010 Europa Super Show: Cedric McMillan - interview/posing 1 DAY OUT!!!

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  • 2010 Europa Super Show: Cedric McMillan - interview/posing 1 DAY OUT!!!

  • #2
    Looks really BIG!

    Thx for having a long interview with Cedric.

    Vamos for the WIN


    • #3
      I am betting big on him winning!! Never been so sure abt anything.

      FKN AWESOME Cedric


      • #4
        Seriously how can he not be top 6 in the Mr O?
        Long time since I was this impressed, which you might notice hehe


        • #5
          wow! Big MAC is definitely bringing it.....


          • #6
            yo look at those legs daaaamn,very cool interview from"big mac"
            i wanna see him take it


            • #7
              Lights Out, Game Over, Good Game, Thank very much for playing...He could step on stage right now and win easily against the people he's going up against.

              If he chooses to do the "O"...I see him finishing as high as 3rd, but no lower than 6th.
              Muscle Tech Athlete


              • #8
                Cedric is a good guy and an easy pick for the Europa Win!


                • #9
                  Class Act all the way!


                  • #10
                    it's over


                    • #11
                      That's your winnner easily right there! On another note, this man is easily top 5 in the Olympia this year! Mr. Olympia hands down, watch in a year or two, will be untouchable.


                      • #12
                        So the video starts and Cedric is sitting down hunched over, and I just start busting out laughing....

                        HOLY. SHIT.

                        Dude is HUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!

                        Should be a win in Dallas, but after that I really think he needs to reassess the whole "average man attainable physique" line of thought. <--

                        He's about 3-4 steps away from being an Olympian!!!



                        • #13
                          Thank you and good is over!

                          congratulations cedric on your europa win :P


                          • #14
                            my work comp cant play vids so i decided just to check out what people were saying so i would be reassured in my assumption of cedrics win. it would seem i was on the money. cant wait to check out the contest pics to see just how much work this guy has put in
                            instagram: fit4payne_benthebuilder


                            • #15
                              If he quits his job and focus 100% on bb he will be Mr Olympia 2011, even this year he aint far from it.
                              Superb physique, first time i really see him this close and I am impressed.

                              I know Sibil and her team behind Roelly thinks he outmass Cedric but i gotta say Cedric is a fkn beast.
                              Who is better then him at this stage?
                              yes Jay and Kai have better legs but thats abt it.