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2010 Europa Super Show Condensed Play-By-Play Packed w/Video and Pics - Pre & Finals

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  • 2010 Europa Super Show Condensed Play-By-Play Packed w/Video and Pics - Pre & Finals

    *This is a condensed version of the whole 2010 Europa Super Show MD Play-by-Play*

    Flex Wheeler is joining Shawn Ray and Branch Warren for our infamous MD "Play by Play" Thread.

    The three will be sitting front mid row providing you with up to the minute comments on the competitors as they come on stage and fight it out for one of the last Olympia qualifications.

    August 13-14
    Dallas Convention Center

    IFBB Pro Men's Bodybuilding
    IFBB Pro Figure & Pro Fitness
    NPC Amateur Figure, Fitness, Bikini & Bodybuilding Champions

    Supershow Videos | Supershow Forums | Supershow Pro Contest Pictures | Supershow NPC Contest Pictures

    The 2010 Europa Supershow is a competition that feeds the tradition of creating a show to remember. This year alone there are three Pro Debuts that will establish not only their pro careers but the possibility of reaching the Olympia stage.

    We will be bringing to you starting today In Room Interviews, In room Posing, Pictures from the Athlete's Pro Meeting and of course our world famous Play by Play with Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler & Branch Warren!

    And yes, we are experimenting with a Live Stream, so starting Friday at 2pm CDT (4pm EDT & 1pm PDT) we will start broadcasting the Live PreJudging with more information to follow.

    "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.

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    2010 Europa Pro Championship “Preview”
    Shawn Ray

    There is no question about it; this show has more Questions than Answers before we get to the Final 3 than any Europa Pro Show of its kind in recent years! First off, we have what seems to be a gazillion guys making their Pro Debut’s not just few new Pro’s but some bonafide solid Contenders for the title here in Dallas, Texas this weekend. We have Big Cedric McMillan out of South Carolina whom 8 Time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney assure me that will one day be a Future Mr. Olympia for sure! Since Cedric’s overwhelming victory at last year’s NPC Nationals, he has added more size, thickness and bringing in better detail which could only spell one thing for his opposition, “TROUBLE!” Certainly on paper and from what I witnessed last year when Cedric won his IFBB Pro Card in November of 09, I am a believer and on his Gravy Train of Fans betting that Cedric wins his Pro Debut a lot of expectations for someone with so much potential early in his career.

    Next up, 2009 USA Overall Winner, Mark Alvisi who is no slouch in the “ Muscle Quality” department. A very good looking kid with tons of potential, Mark has classic lines and great condition. The question I have here is, will it be enough to stack up against the overall Thickness of Cedric? If McMillan is 5 pounds too heavy, Alvisi could be the one who becomes the Spoiler in D Town!

    Speaking of Overall USA Champions, Brandon Curry is making his way back into the spotlight after making his Pro Debut at the PBW Tampa Pro a few weeks back after a 2 year layoff from competition since his victory at the USA in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brandon has all the tools to be spectacular but will have needed to improve the size of his legs and bring in better condition at the same time which might be too much to ask from this Sophomore Pro in only his 2nd show. Not to be out done, his wife Brandy who will be making her IFBB Pro Debut in the Pro Bikini Competition the same day!

    The German Giant, Markus Ruhl is back with Vengeance! Markus is seeking an Upset Victory here in Dallas as he has been quietly handling his training overseas and looking to vanquish a few dreams. No stranger to tough competition but it remains to be seen if the time away and the youth of the competition will be too much for Mr. Big?

    Others throwing their hat in the arena trying to ruin some plans are Rookie Pro out of Maryland, Shawn Rhoden who could be a surprise to many unsuspecting competitors as he has added nearly 12lbs to his frame since winning the North America’s last September.

    Former Overall National Champion, Bill Wilmore will be Big and Beefy as he is looking to add some extra flavor to the mix but he will need to nail his color and glute / hamstring detail to be a force in this contest. With the help of his training mentor, Hany Rambod, Wilmore says he is not coming to enjoy the weekend but rather to do work and inflict Pain!

    The Military Machine, Leo Ingram is coming to War with Pound for Pound probably the most muscle packed into a frame. Leo has mounds of muscle but will need to hit his “PEAK” to be in contention here. Typically a promise not yet kept but potentially a threat to the Genetic Freaks out there if he nails his conditioning!

    While there are others in this contest like perennial top 5 finalist, Mike Kefalianos out of Australia who has narrowly missed the top 3 Olympia Qualification on 3 separate occasions this year, there are certain to be a few more surprises in the form of some highly conditioned athletes who won’t simply roll over and die! This show has all the makings of a Clash of the Titans is I have ever seen one!

    The Men’s Europa 202 Division has brought back last year’s winner out of the Blue Grass State of Kentucky, Ricky “Tricky” Jackson is looking to defend his title against the reigning Lt Heavy Weight National Champion, Seth Feroce out of Pittsburgh in only his 4th Contest ever! Seth & Ricky should be the last two sanding in this class leaving room for only One More Competitor to squeeze into this Olympia Showdown Qualifying Contest. Look for Clarence DeVis out of Belgium to make a run for the finish line in this one to nab the last spot on the roster and a ticket to Vegas!

    Finals Saturday, August 14th at 2:30pm CST, you don’t want to miss this one!


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      King Dorian Yates is here!

      Totalee Awesome Lee Haney is here!

      Fabulous Flex Wheeler is here!

      Big Branch Warren is here!

      The Dragon Slayer, Richie Gaspari is here!

      Mass with Class, Lee Labrada will be here!

      I'm here so if the Music Man is Ready..................let's POSEDOWN!!!!!


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        17th Year for the Europa Pro Championships here in Dallas, Texas where we have seen past Champions like: Branch Warren,Silvio Samuel, Dennis James, Toney Freeman and others go onto to have very good success in the upcoming Mr. Olympia Weenend September 24th & 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada our sports "Crown Jewel!

        Who will be next???? "


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          Pro BIKINI

          Bianco Binno, USA-

          Jennifer Dietrick, USA-former Los Angeles Champion

          Janet Harding, USA-

          Safiya Johnson, USA-younger sister of IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson

          Amanda Latona, USA-

          Brandy Lever, USA-wife of IFBB Pro Brandon Curry making her pro debut

          Dayna Maleton, USA-

          Nathalia Melo, USA-won Orlando Europa Pro in April

          Nicole Moneer-Guerrero, USA-

          Monique Ricardo, USA-formerly figure competitor Monique Minton

          Ali Rosen, USA-2010 USA Champion and Jacksonville Pro Champion

          Alea Suarez, USA-

          Sonya Vecchiarelli, USA-ISS/Oh Yeah sponsored

          Natalie Waples, Canada-


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            Bikini up first!

            These girsl are already qualified for the Olympia.

            1. Sonia Gonzales, USA
            2. Natalie Pennington, USA
            3. Khanh Nguyen, USA
            4. Monique Minton, USA
            5. Amanda Latona, USA
            6. Nathalia Melo, Brazil
            7. Jaime Baird, USA
            8. Melissa Coles, USA
            9. Tiana Ta, USA
            10. Shelsea Montes, USA
            11. Sherlyn Roy, USA
            12. Dianna Dahlgren, USA
            13. Jessica Jessie, USA
            14. Diana Fields, USA
            15. Nicole Nagrani, USA
            16. Vanessa Campbell, USA
            17. Alison Rosen, USA
            18. Jessica Paxson-Putnam, USA


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              Pro Bikini First Callout:

              Amanda Latona, Nathalia Melo and Ali Rosen

              Amanda Latona

              Nathalia Melo

              Ali Rosen


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                Second Callouts:

                Bianca Binno

                Jennier Detrick

                Monique Ricardo

                Alea Suarez

                Dayna Maleton


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                  Third Callout:

                  Safiya Johnson

                  Brady Lever

                  Nicole Guerreo

                  Natalie Waples

                  Sonya Vecchiarelli

                  Janet Harding


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                    Safiya Johnson


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                      Judges recalled top three:

                      Nathalia, Amanda, and Ali


                      Flex - I like Ali. Her butt is a little bit tighter.

                      Shawn - I like Amanda. She's a little bit biggier girl and has a more mature looking body.

                      END PRE-JUDGING!


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                        Men's 202lb Pro Champions of 2010

                        Phoenix Pro- Roc Shabazz

                        Europa Pro Orlando- Eduardo Correa

                        New York Pro- Kevin English

                        PBW Tampa Pro- Jose Raymond

                        Europa Pro Connecticut- Jose Raymond

                        Jacksonville Pro- David Henry

                        Europa Pro Dallas- ????


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                          202 Pro Line Up:

                          Pierre Chamoun, Sweden
                          Gaetano Cisternono, USA
                          Clarence DeVis, Belgium
                          Edward Duque, Venezuela
                          Myoba Edwards, Canada
                          Seth Feroce, USA - Pro Debut
                          Dave Goodin, USA
                          Jaroslav Horvath, Slovak Republic **
                          Alan Ichinose, USA
                          Tricky Jackson, USA **
                          Jocelyn Jean, USA
                          Frank Michel, Germany
                          Carlos Majid Rabiei, Canada
                          Rixio Tapia, Venezuela


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                            Pierre Chamoun, Sweden

                            Flex - thick guy, great color, thick all over, pretty even, great lats, waist is just a little thick, nice peaks on his biceps

                            Shawn - little soft in the ham and glutes, holding about 4 pounds extra, very complete and balanced - may have a left biceps tear, very competitive


                            • #15
                              Amanda Latona