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Fitness Winner Bethany Wagner, Figure Winner Terri Turner and Ava Cowan Interviews

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    Originally posted by Sushilover View Post
    LOL, that's funny. True, that was my very first blog post. I am new to this site simply because I had been following Ava (huge fan). This site, so far, has had the absolute best coverage on the shows and competitors. However, when I saw Ava's interview with flex I was really disappointed with the "lack" of coverage. The audience would probably have been more interested to know WHY Ava felt that she placed 8th and what she may have done differently. To me, that would be much more interesting than what she was planning to eat. That being said, I felt compelled to comment in this forum about the interview and why I felt it failed to meet the audiences expectations of an after show interview with the awesome Ava.

    I love this site though and I hope to contribute to more forums in the future.
    Also interesting is that everyone's saying the judging for the Men's Open Class was rigged and Gaspari's athlete placed 2nd when he should have placed lower. Interesting then that same idea wouldn't also apply to Ava. Just pointing this out in case other's haven't heard.


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      I brought up that exact point in another thread. Ava is by far the most popular figure gal out there. So how is it she shows up looking awesome and get's 8th if Gaspari paid off the judges? People didn't like me punching holes in their 'theory' though
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