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Mark Alvisi Photoshoot Video after the 2010 Europa Super Show

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    Originally posted by themakcompany View Post
    He is soft. As I've said, he's one of those bodybuilders that looks roided. It's as if he's puffy but there isn't much muscle. I saw him up close at Gold's Venice.

    Also, Metroflex -it's time for air condition.

    I agree with you 100%,he doesn't have that dense grainy muscle look,even when he comes conditioned which he didn't in this show,he looks puffy and have that roided look like you said.Jason Huh however has that dense grainy look.Again not relevant.
    Dennis Wolf Rules!!


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      Originally posted by jtg987 View Post
      and Michael kef

      Yeah he looked better than him too.
      Dennis Wolf Rules!!


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        Mark has some the best combination of Size and Shape in the IFBB Today,he reminds me of Mr Olympia Samir Bannout! Mark has no belly and has a look that is rare in the pros today,sure alot of guys are freakier but i would rather look like mark! More Back deatail and overall conditionong and Mark will be good to go!

        PS I talked to mark at the Arnold and he is a classy young man and good for bodybuilding!


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          though i agree with the mayor 100%, there are some areas i feel he would benefit from a little bit more back thickness
          instagram: fit4payne_benthebuilder


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            Great job Mark!....All that work FS work on your legs George has been doing with you looks to be paying off! I'm sure Hany is a big part of it too. Congrats!


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              I have a question ... Is it true that you can train 8 weeks before a show?


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                and two weeks later


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                  he is looking great!


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                    he is looking really great!