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East Coast Muscle Series: "The PAKMAN" Ben Pakulski Trains Chest

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    Originally posted by Tagh View Post
    Lookin crazy! Although I think it's bullshit FST7 made his chest come up.

    Man, I never had a chest, but now I do 7 sets real quick at the end of my workout and BOOM monster chest!


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      Wow, i have been reading most of this stuff on here and i would like to say somthing to all the haters, i watched those delts grow from nothing, and i promise you there is no oil in there. He is the tuffest son of a bitch to try to keep up with in the gym so "genetics" ...Bull shit! That asshole earned every inch of what he has got and well maybe his cales he got from his granny, she sqats about 4 plates still.