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2010 New York Pro Finals Report by Ron Harris

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  • 2010 New York Pro Finals Report by Ron Harris

    2010 New York Pro Finals
    By Ron Harris

    202 Division

    As expected, two-time defending champ Kevin English scored a convincing third consecutive victory tonight. Kevin’s package is indeed formidable. But runner-up Jose Raymond was breathing right down his neck, much improved since last year. It’s only a matter of time before Jose is pushing Kevin, David Henry, and Eduardo Correa for the honor of being the top 202 man in the game. Jason Arntz was a strong third place, with good mass, condition, and shape. Size-wise, he didn’t quite stack up to the top two; but he held his own.

    Pro Women

    The final decision came down to one point, and that one point allowed Cathy LeFrancois to score her third New York Pro title. I don’t know what the actual height and weight difference between Cathy and runner-up Sheila Bleck was, but it pointed out how the women’s pro ranks could benefit by restoring weight classes like it had for a few years. Sheila towered over the petite Cathy. But Cathy has excellent shape and balance with no weak points, and her condition was impeccable. Bleck was very good too, and I don’t think too many people would have complained had she won. There were some disgruntled comments about New York’s Heather Foster taking third, though. Heather’s upper body was fantastic and very well developed, but the same could not be said about her legs. I could have seen either Nancy Lewis or Debbie Bramwell taking that spot instead. Most entertaining routine was that of Colette Nelson, dressed in a Lady Gaga inspired outfit and working the crowd like a true performer.

    Open Men

    The top four here were exactly what I had after today’s judging. Fifth place and his first-ever Mr. Olympia qualification went to MD’s own Erik Fankhouser, who also probably had the best lower body in the show. A rousing chorus of boos erupted when the X-Man Toney Freeman was announced in fourth place. Toney was clearly disappointed, but tooh it like a man. The big shock came when the favorite to win, Dennis Wolf, got third place – yet not many people seemed upset about it. Since he was in condition, this begs the question, where does he go from here, and is he still a potential Mr. Olympia? Look for Flex Wheeler to explore that question in depth in the August issue of MD.

    Hide Yamagishi, who is definitely one of the hardest-working men in this sport, earned a very deserving second place with his package of mass, condition, and expert posing and presentation. Though his routines aren’t as crazy as Kai’s and he doesn’t dance like Melvin, Hide is certainly one of the most polished posers in the IFBB today.

    Winning his first pro show was the rookie, Roelly Winklaar. Roelly did his famous backflip in the routine to the thunderous approval of the crowd. With his genetics and relative newness to competing, I think we are all witnessing the emergence of a future superstar right now in Roelly. In a year or two I have no doubt he will be pushing for the very top titles no matter who he goes up against. In his victory speech, which was no easy task for Roelly due to his limited English, he thanked his trainer Grandma, the people of New York, and his new sponsor – MD! All in all it was exciting to be part of Winklaar’s first pro win, of which I predict there will be many more to come.

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      Congrats to the top 5!


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        roelly looked Awesome.


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          I think it's great that Hide is finally getting some recognition. This is one of the first shows in a while that I actully agree with the top 5 placement.


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            Hide is on FIRE! Congrats Roelly!
            Pain is temporary... Glory is forever...


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              Great write up Ron...
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                Nice report Ron.

                And congrats to all NY winners.



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                  Roelly looked great and Hide was at his best. Could of gone either way. As for the under 202, English should have placed 3rd behind Arntz and Jose.


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                    Good observations Ron!
                    Thanks for your perspective which is Right on!



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                      Great work Ron, we all love your wife, I MEAN YOUR WORK lol. You the man.
                      "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"


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                        What's not to love about the Cuban Missile?
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                          Youre a good dude Ron, glad you can take a little roast
                          "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"


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                            Spot on reporting, Ron!


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                              I always say it's better to have a wife that other guys look at than one no guy would look twice at!
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