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Toney Freeman 13 Days From the 2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro

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    Originally posted by stick-man230 View Post
    I was tooling around on about an hour ago and saw some pics of Toney and he looks incredible! His back is reminiscent of Ronnie Coleman's. I've never claimed to be a huge fan of X-Man, but the pics that I saw... simply IMPRESSIVE! At the Phoenix show, if he looks anything like he looks in those pics, he WILL win!
    Exactly and if he gets 'lean enough in those key places' ( previous post)the man can take the Pheonix pro show with straight 1sts.

    However, if he shows up off, looking a tad smooth/flat on stage he will only place.
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      Originally posted by Swede View Post
      well Jay has been in amazing shape a BUNCH of times, so your comparision is retarded.
      im not comparing them im comparing the situation, they both been in great shape in the past and once they fell off a little everyone wrote them off, jay proved that he can still do it so maybe toney can too thats all im saying...
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