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Dave Henry & Steve Namat interviews/posing hours out from the Jacksonville Pro

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  • #16
    Man Dave deserves this win. His middle name should be consistent! Great condition and muscularity. That front most muscular is his signature and is freaking sick! I also love how Dave immediately shot down "Just trying to maintain" the way Dave trains it's always a battle with the log book. Cool interview. Never knew he was such a culinary adventurist. lol. Get em Dave.


    • #17
      This man needs to win the Olympia. Period.

      HOLY. FAWK.


      • #18
        I hope these judges dont f%ck him over again! He should of won 2 weeks ago, I hope he gets this win as well as the 202 Mr. O!
        Knock The Lights Off Baby, Im Bulking


        • #19
          Dave seems like a humble and well collected individual. Much respect to him and his physique!.


          • #20
            Its about time for DH to get his!


            • #21
              ^^ DH for the win!
              "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


              • #22
                His upperbody might just be the best around. I mean from a personal view point. Thats the way I would wanna look like.
                He doesnt have freaky big legs either which I prefer aswell.
                Only thing that he doesnt have is an evident bicep peak when doing the RDB.

                Anyway, smoke them and take home the victory. Best of luck and enjoy your vacation if you are reading this.


                • #23
                  Dave has that dense muscle quality which should be hard to beat when compared to others.


                  • #24
                    Hope he wins the O. He looks great and he deserves it. He had jose beat easily and english doesnt come close when DH is on.


                    • #25
                      Dave Henry is the best 202 bodybuilder right now.

                      He looks like a mini Ronnie Coleman as many have mentioned. Have you seen his back shots..?!

                      He only needs to bring his quads little bit up and work on his lower body conditioning; other than this he is just perfect.

                      I wish all the best for him.


                      • #26
                        Damn David has the best body out. Amazing.