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Smalls, Barth, and Morel, for top three in the Heavy weights at 2010 Nationals

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  • Smalls, Barth, and Morel, for top three in the Heavy weights at 2010 Nationals

    Here are my picks for Nationals 2010, In the Super heavyweight class 1st Robert Burnika, 2nd Keith Williams, 3rd Steve Kuclo, 4.Todd Jewell,5. Drew Jemmott


    In no particular order Smalls, Barth, Morel,Hamilton,5.? Smalls is coming in after third place finish at the USA. Morel did very well at the North American's. Barth coming off a two year layoff, has been working with George Farah,to help with conditioning , has made significant improvements judging from the pictures we've all seen, he looks hard and grainy. Being the the most seasoned in the class as far as competition is concerned, he will be a threat for the top three. After that I think it wide open.


    I've aways like Branden Ray physique, if he can come is hard, dry, he will be number one.

    Jim Machak is an awesome bodybuilder and will bring his best.

    As far as lighter weight classes well I
    Not sure about them.

    Overall? Well there really is going to be some awesome competition in this show so hard to say.

    Again this is all just one man opinion.

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    SHW: I am not sure on what kind of condition Keith will come in. He has done three shows in three months. That seems like alot. If he hits it, he will be one to watch out for. I think Kuclo will be very tight and dry and finish in top three. Kuclo should edge out Burnike who looked good at USA's but shouldn't have finished 4th!

    Heavy Weights: Smalls all the way. It is his time!