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Steve Kuclo Shoulder and Leg Workout Before the 2010 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships

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    I just wanna know where I can get a yellow universal tank top like the one in the vid.


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      Not nuts just objective. His legs always disappear on this quarter turns and so does his ham's. From the front his legs are ok but he learned the hard way at the USA's that hype doesn't win contests all parts,condition, quality and quantity wins shows. Atoyan, Nunn, Cedric ... Had to learn and Earn and so will Steve. He isn't a Brewer because he actually has great aesthetics but he still is 2 seasons away. Reminds me of a Freeman, he may want to think about the North Americans to get a weaker field win and a pro card before he turns 26. Hey if Khatami can get his card there Steve could just mail in the fee and they can send him the card. What a joke that was but hey that's another thread!

      Best to Steve!


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        Originally posted by ortho72 View Post
        lol, i was following until he mentioned Jean Claude Van Damme and Stallone then i was like, WTF?
        Ha ha exactly I had to read it again and though to myself did he just quote Jean Claude Can Damme and Stallone as carrying and extreme amount of muscle and compare them to guys like Schwarzenegger, Cutler and Coleman!! ha ha Mate they are small fry and have baby muscle compared to the likes of the real big guys you put them with!

        Good luck to Kuclo!

        Dam I dont know if its just me but he looks quite a bit bigger than last year!