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Jim Machak Two Weeks out from 2010 Nationals - Chest Workout

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  • Jim Machak Two Weeks out from 2010 Nationals - Chest Workout

    For Jim Machak, this is the first time he will step on a National Level Stage. Jim wanted to wait until he was fully ready to make a sincere attempt at winning his class at Nationals.

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    Doesn't look sharp enough, needs a few additional weeks


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      Just got into Atlanta!

      Good feedback and yes based on the posing at the end of the vid (I didn't even watch the vid until it was on here at MD lol) I did look like I was carrying high bf...however skin was somewhat thin at 2 weeks out but wow my pics at 3 weeks out looked better than the vid did at 2... go figure but ya bro I do have to agree 100% that I did look like I was carrying high bf and behind schedule based on the vid.

      BF % yesterday was a touch higher than I thought at 4.3%. Depleted and still slightly above 200...gonna deplete and check weight to ensure I weigh in under 198 tomorrow night so I can carb up on Friday a bit and get all the h20 wringed out.

      I do honestly feel that my conditioning is good. I can't wait to display everything on Friday night!!!

      Tomorrow I might post some pics cause I was pretty pumped about the vid not gonna lie but now am bummed cause I did look like shit......

      Gonna bring it though fellas I can't wait am vacular every freakin where even my hips into my glutes are vascular and got those lines in the glutes fo sho!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks MD for the exposure... again bummed about the posing in the vid but wait till ya see me onstage... if anyone sees me walkin around say hi. We just saw Ronnie check in a few hours ago dude is still a freak!
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        Hey Jim. I train out in Aurora. Great to see a home- state guy at the Nationals. Good luck and have fun with it!


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          Thanks man it is good to be here. I am ready to rock bro 100% I can't wait until the prejudging!!!