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2010 NPC Nationals Written Review by Shawn Ray

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  • Kyle Witherspoon
    Great show coverage from the get go Shawn. MD rocks!!

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  • Shawn Ray
    "Hey Shawn on the video Robert Burneika and Cedric mentioned the Ny Pro,Is this true?"
    Its true! Now throw in USA CHamp, Jason Huh and we got ourselves a bonified "DOG FIGHT!"
    See you there!

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  • mayor of bodybuilding
    Hey Shawn on the video Robert Burneika and Cedric mentioned the Ny Pro,Is this true?

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  • swingslammer
    Are you kidding?? Hester should have won that class....not even made the top 5? How many contests have you seen? This must have been your first one right?

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  • risha24
    what a joke of a show nationals is the most political bullshit i have ever seen what a joke and a waste of time for example the welterweght class danny hester who should not have even been in the top 5 apears out of nowhere to get second what a joke he was smooth as a babys ass not even close in condition as the other guys in the top 4 especially who i thought should of won the class with the best condition and best overall package was who they gave 4th to jb bartlett beat danny in every shot explain that other than politics

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  • Robbie Durand
    started a topic 2010 NPC Nationals Written Review by Shawn Ray

    2010 NPC Nationals Written Review by Shawn Ray

    2010 NPC Nationals Review
    Shawn Ray

    Atlanta, Georgia saw upwards of 500 competitors vying for IFBB Pro Cards at the Nationals Finals on Saturday night, making for an interesting contest of newcomers and amateur veterans! Celebrity Pro Bodybuilders, Fitness and Figure Stars came out to support the NPC and Contest Promoter, Steve Karel, including: local hometown hero, and the greatest of all time, Lee Haney; Five-time Masters Mr. Olympia, Vince Taylor; "The Real Deal," Chris Cormier; Cedric "The Entertainer" McMillan; Jason Huh; Toney Freeman; Roc Shabazz, Five-time Ms. Fitness Olympia, Adela Garcia; 2009 Ms. Figure Olympia, Nicole Wilkins Lee; Nicole Duncan; Lisette Acevedo; 2008 Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson; Dennis James; and Marcus Haley, to name a few!

    In the Bantam Weight class, we saw Maryland State District Chairman, Rich Siegleman win the class at over forty years of age, fighting off the ever-improved George Gibson ,who's been a top national threat for many years now. USA Champion, Jimmy Nguyen, wrapped up third place.

    Lightweight Class saw Leonardo Pacheco wrap it up and earn his IFBB Pro Status by holding off a hard-charging challenger in the form of Luis Santiago in second, and Christopher San Juan in third.

    In the Welterweight Division, the "Good Doctor," Victor Prisk, added the National Title to his last year's North America Victory by keeping forty-one year old veteran, Danny Hester, out of Venice Beach, California at bay. Crowd favorite, Jesse Sabator, had to settle for 3rd place.

    Middle Weights crowned a former Jr. Nationals winner, Roger Ferrer, with the title and IFBB Pro Status, by way of being the most complete in a field of very good competition, forged by first runner-up, and the most improved athlete, Stoil Stoilov! Rounding out the top three was Alan Bailey, who definitely served notice that his time is coming soon!

    The Light Heavyweight class brought the winner, Branden Ray,back from the dead! "B- Ray" was arguably the most muscular, thickest, and fullest light heavy in the class! To me, he was a runaway winner in this class, with Miguel Neil picking up a distant second place finish! Benny Brantley landed in third place in a disappointing field of so-so light heavies.

    The Heavyweight class went to the long-suffering, Delaware native, Fred "Biggie" Smalls,who, while not 100%, won this class with straight firsts across the board! Muscular and thick, Freddie appeared much harder and drier at the night show, which sealed the deal for the rest of the field.

    In second place was a disappointing Juan Morel, who, structurally, had a chance at victory prior to the show, but missed his peak by a mile. Soft and flat, Juan may have peaked in September at the North America's and will have to fight his way back, and definitely carb-load to fill out!!

    In third place was very soft and smooth, Anthoniel Champagne. Anthoniel was lucky nobody else showed up ready to fight for the title, or he could have easily found himself out of the top fove. He lives to fight another day; sadly, that fight didn't come this weekend.

    On paper, the Super Heavyweights should have been a dog fight, but it turned into a crap shoot of who's the most complete. Las Vegas resident, Robert Burneika, by way of Lithuania, captured the title of which three or four guys had a shot winning going in! Robert was big and thick, with the best calves in the show!

    Saturday night, he showed up looking every bit a professional in the making, but Friday's pre-judging had many in attendance wondering who would win?

    Perennial bridesmaid, Keith Williams out of Minnesota, had to settle for his third first runner-up award of the year. He placed second at every pro qualifier this year, which may be a new record?

    Poor Keith came out strong, but as he posed was not able to maintain his stomach. It appeared bloated and was distracting from the get go. He had everything one would need to spell champion, except the stomach distention. Many felt this led to his demise next to Burneika.

    Landing in third place was twenty-five year old Texas Phenom, Steve Kuclo, who many felt fought his way into contention with Burneika, not Williams? Steve is a pro in the making. With each show we see him getting closer. My prediction is that next year Steve will find his Pro Card sooner rather than later!

    Overall, this was not the deepest line-up of guys fighting for IFBB Pro Status, but I have to give all these guys respect for challenging themselves to get to this level of competition!

    * Congratulations to your new NPC National Overall Champion, Robert Burneika, who ran off with the title in the final posedown!
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