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5 Weeks Out from Masters Nationals

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    Thanks, Howard. And I agree with you about the posing. Can never practice enough. I've coached a few competitors for this and other shows. And I have seen a superior physique lose out to a polished poser who can create illusions and look better than he actually is.

    Eric just needs to hang in there and cruise, as you said. Eric won the class in 08 and feel he can do it again.


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      looking good bro

      good luck


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        good luck!
        I liqour so GOOD she don't go around beer


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          Thanks a lot everyone.


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            You look great and ripped man.

            However, I think you can use more work on your abs especially the lower ones, and try to put more efforts on your inner lower chest.

            I wish all the best for you in your coming show.


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              Originally posted by eba84 View Post
              Thanks a lot everyone.
              A couple quick things to add that may help.

              1. You know from personal experience how crazy and hectic the pump up area can be at big shows. Be sure to stay relaxed and take your time pumping up back stage. Far better to ease into it and be certain to be 95% pumped in the lineup, then rush and end up being stressed and off.

              2. STAY FLEXED from the second you turn and face the judges.
              The ONLY time you can relax a bit is when they are judging a different 5 guys in the middle.
              I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED


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                Super advice for any competing athlete. The "relaxed" position is really a tensed one. Have to be at your best all the time on stage. Assume you are always being judged.

                At this show, pump up area is small and no dumbbells are allowed. Have to bring a heavy towel or some other pump up apparatus. Very true about relaxing and easing into it.

                Thanks, Howard.