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*JASON HUH WINS OVERALL* 2010 USA Championships: Videos, Pics, Interviews & Results

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  • Originally posted by Venom View Post
    Look at you giving the "judges" a pass.

    Venom is not shocked by this at all.

    lol at schmeddie the non training creepo talking about bb.Get lost nerd.


    • Originally posted by DarinD View Post
      Sorry bro but I gotta disagree with you here. I judged for about 6 years and this shit is getting old. The judges need to start being held acountable for blowing placings. It's not that hard to judge a show. Clearly Yersky didn't belong in the top 5. Clearly Lacount did as did Kuclo. The problem is they call out the first 5 then send them backstage and are done with them. If Steve and Chad were compared with Yersky and Williams they would've been in the top 5 and Williams and Yersky would have been out. Hell even seeing them standing there you could see this. This is why I'm done with competing. Politics do have alot to do with placings. Even in the heavies Fred Smalls didn't deserve 3rd. Once you have a name in the sport as long as you don't come out looking 10 weeks out you will place high regardless and it's not right. I love the sport and always will but with the current crop of judges it's just not worth it. The judges cannot have any ties with the competitors and same goes for sponsors.
      Way to step up and point out the obvious things! Boy you can feel bad for some of these guys that work their tales off only to be robbed. I'm not saying guys would have be Huh, but some of the ones in the top 5 just were off compared to others! Like Lacount and Kucklo.. What is up with that.. Yes, a dying sport. Only because judges screw guys that are probably the ones down the road going to make guys like Huh lookd bad.. Huh is what 5' 7" maybe 5' 8" at 257 supposively ripped? Now take a guy 5' 10" and they come in at 240-250 ripped.. They would make Huh look tiny!! I'm sure Huh will go on and do somethings. But he'll never be an Olympian bodybuilder that's for sure..