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USAs: A Day in the Life of Robert Burneika

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    sick video!


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      what is the song name??


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        disappointed with video quality

        -about 1 minute of actual footage
        -saw same scenes about 20 times
        -same scenes were used to fill space to make video longer due to terrible coverage of robert's day
        -bad music

        please do not waste my time with garbage like this again


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          Robert's hillarious. I like him a lot more after watching this video. Good luck at the USA's bud! Also get your belt back haha
          ‎"You have to do what others won't, to achieve what others don't" ~ Iron Mike Tyson


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            Funny video but come on?Thats all you guys did?You edited everything out with constant scenes of blue men?silly


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              didnt like the editing, too much of the blue mans face, and overall of the blue bastards lol, should have focused more on robert, let him talk a bit, and not only slow mo schmoe posing

              Seems like a super funny guy so Im sure you could have incorporated that even more..


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                How teh swede would have done it:

                1: Start out with tour of the new house, while asking him about how be bought it, where did he look for it, did he get any help etc

                2: Training highlights

                3: Cutler segment

                4: Meeting fans/ seeing their reactions, and doing som e day to day stuff with good editing

                5: Back in the house talking about future plans and wishes and Q/A

                6: Short Training highlight again which ends the video.

                Questions tip:

                For Burnika:
                Whats his relationship with Wolf?
                Favorite current bodybuilder?
                People reactions in the states to him compared to his own country
                What have he done different this time around with his prep
                Biggest difference in the states Comapared to home and pro/cons
                Does he like the attention he gets outside?

                For his Wife:
                Opinions on BB
                Opinions on Roberts Size
                If she also wanted to move
                opinions on how people treat/react to him in the states compared to home
                does she train
                does she like/dislike the attention he gets while outside?

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                  he is the blue man LMAO


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                    Poor Rob. That video was a HUGE letdown. If there is no second part of the lifestyle then 3 thumbs down.
                    Criticism is a prejudice made plausible.


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                      Please tell whoever did the editing that they're not funny.


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                        Only thing that would be justifiable now for the stolen belt is if he comes along and steals the Olympia from Kai!


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                          Originally posted by Kevin27 View Post
                          Nice vid....production values are going up.

                          Robert really goes home and cooks a steak post-workout? Is that in addition to or instead of a post workout shake?
                          Gonna take a stab in the dark here but I would think in addition ... that is if he even has one post-workout


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                            he's got a hot sexy wife-i'd like to do her