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Jay Cutler Photoshoot after the 2010 Olympia

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  • #16
    poor jay , i hope just no bad impact for the healt now , recup big jay u are the best !!!!


    • #17
      the man is a warrior and deserving of his title for sure. he was not as good as last year but was damn close and a little better in the back. however, it sounds as if his competition days are numbered
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      • #18
        Jay doesnt have a great MM he should try to work on a different one.
        "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"


        • #19
          true. it is one of his weaker poses
          instagram: fit4payne_benthebuilder


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            Originally posted by Kenny Santiago View Post
            You have to give much credit to Jay. But, one thing he said that threw me for a loop. He mentioned he wants to be the best, but ARE the best! You are Mr. Olympia. That alone says everything. What he said, shit sounded scary. Feeling weak from your Legs & upwards I can only imagine what was going through his mind at that period.
            He just said at 'his' best, probably referring to 2009 form.
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            • #21
              Jay continues to inspire.


              • #22
                Jay is massive and he is the greatest. I think he'll win again in 2011 and 2012