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So, was I right about Rockell making the top 5?

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    Originally posted by reemy View Post
    I guess so. You know your stuff. You are the NPC judge.

    I just was not impressed by Wolf at all. He's had two years to bring up his hamstrings and they're still weak, and he has no glutes, plus his legs have lost sweep. I guess I'm partial to Rockell. Saw him in the hotel Saturday morning and he is such a nice guy. He had been up all night, because he was nervous about his placing.
    Being a certified judge has everything to do with juding by the accepted norms and ideals within the current, ACTUAL standards in BB.
    Most fans tend to judge and pick by what they THINK the standards should be.
    Wolf may never have the same kind of hamstrings as Phil Heath and Heath will never have Wolf's barn door wide shoulders.
    I think that Wolf may be more confident going into future contests.
    Many of the guys at the Olympia press briefing seemed "paranoid" to me. Not sure why? Maybe just contest nerves?
    I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED


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      Originally posted by stangerman View Post
      Off topic, but I thought Hide looked very good. Not arguing his placing as he is much smaller then the top 5 but for his structure, he has a lot of size on that frame and it was proportioned and conditioned. He should be very proud of the look he brought.
      Hide was ripped and very impressive for a guy of his size.
      I had him 10th before and during the actual show.
      It is pros like Hide that make going to shows like the NY Pro and Europa worthwhile.
      I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED