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202 Showdown Play-By-Play w/Shawn Ray, Seth Feroce & Per Bernal's Photos!

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  • 202 Showdown Play-By-Play w/Shawn Ray, Seth Feroce & Per Bernal's Photos!

    2010 Mr. Olympia 202 "Showdown III" Championships
    Play by Play
    Seth Feroce & Shawn Ray

    Expert Commentary from 2010 202 Europa Dallas Pro Champion, Seth Feroce today with Shawn Ray.

    Can Kevin English repeat his accomplishment from a year ago and defend his title to become a Two Time Title Winner?

    Will the 1st ever 202 Champion, David Henry recapture his title he won in 2008?

    Is Eduardo Correa peaking at the right time since winning the Orlando Pro this past April?

    Roc Shabazz the winner of the 1st 202 Pro of the year in Arizona is looking to take a few guys out today!

    Jose Raymond with 2 Pro wins this year in Tampa & Connecticut is looking for number 3!

    Stan McQuay fresh off a victory in Detroit one week ago is looking to place in the top 5 today!

    All these questions will be answered tonight, starting today!

    Action Starts at 10:30 Pacific/1:30 Eastern!

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    Yeah Seth!
    Prepare to get Rocked:


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      Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Originally posted by house64
        where do i go to watch the 202 prejudging]



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          The Players:

          Olympia 202lb and under Showdown qualified competitors

          1. Ahmad Ahmad (Sweden)
          2. Jason Arntz (USA)
          3. Eduardo Da Silva Correa (Brazil)
          4. Kevin English (USA)
          5. David Henry (USA)
          6. Jaroslav Horvath (Slovakia)
          7. Tricky Jackson (USA)
          8. Luc Molines (France)
          9. Steve Namat ( Hungary)
          10. Bola Ojex (Nigeria)
          11. Jose Raymond (USA)
          12. Roc Shabazz (USA)
          13. Mike Valentino (USA)
          14. Stan McQuay
          15. Daryl Gee


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            Thanks for the interview you gave us yesterday at the Expo. You mentioned that you slightly regretted not competing in this competition. How do you feel this morning about it? Regret or relief?

            Oh yeah, thanks for joining up with Shawn today. Looking forward to your commentary!


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              In case you missed it, here is Ron Harris big day at the Expo:


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                I'm in!


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                  what time is it over there now? its 7pm in uk what time we looking at it starting?
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                    Ahmad Ahmad:
                    Best I've seen him look! Much improved since Pittsburgh Pro last year!
                    SR: Qualified at 1st pro 202 show of the yr in Arizona/ great abs, wide shoulders!

                    Jason Arntz:
                    Definitely in shape today! Hard. Chest came up!
                    SR: Great legs. Thin skin. Good color! Best he's been in awhile! X-mas tree is in! Serratus is tight! Good chest striations!

                    Eduardo Correa:
                    Oh yea!!!!!!!!!!! Separation is crazy! Full and round too! Good insertions everywhere.
                    SR: HOLY!!!!! Ripped and balanced! My winner last year and so far this year! Quads are peeled, and he has great abs! Good showing!

                    Kevin English:
                    He is a HOUSE! 202 ??? Is this fair?? Chest and everything is just hanging! He's is a MONSTER! Unreal! I think he has it again!
                    SR: OHH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Massive everything! Round and full. Wide-ass shoulders. Big, thick arms. Tiny waist!

                    Daryl Gee:
                    He is in shape. Added size since last year! Just needs more size. In time he will be competitive!
                    SR: Tough act to follow. Smaller, but in shape! Hams are in. Good back. Needs width and depth. Best Daryl has been as a pro!

                    David Henry:
                    Wow! Fullness! This guy is in shape, for real! Best back in the show! Tiny waist! He is for real!
                    SR: Former winner in 2008! Bigger. Legs need more sweep! Great condition too! Back is awesome! Needs width to back lat spread!

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                      i meant online


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                        Jaroslav Harvoth:
                        Better than Dallas Pro! Harder! Good X-MAS tree..He is really impressive and should do very well here!
                        Awesome abs. Very good shape and very competitive!

                        Ricky "Tricky" Jackson
                        Looks good! Good leg separation. A little flat overall. Just needs to be fuller!
                        SR: Smaller than the other guys, but pleasant! Could use more detail to really stand out!

                        Stan McQuay:
                        Looks better than last week. Fuller! Great posing!
                        SR: Winner last week in Detroit! Appears a bit flat from the rear, but harder than Detroit! Wide back. Needs more separation.

                        Luc Molines:
                        Vascular! In shape as well,. Good bodybuilder. Hard glutes.
                        SR: Compact. Needs more sweep on his thighs, and bigger arms. Well-conditioned! Chest is a bit shallow. Good showing.

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                          no 202 webcast?


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                            no webcast - it is an insult to these fine athletes.