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Did Bob Chic put the "whammy" on Kai Greene?!?!?

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    whatever bob said didn't cause kai to not come in the condition that he needed to come in
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      Oscar has destroyed Kai's physique in numerous ways....period.

      As usual...we can learn a LOT of lessons from Kai and Oscar...what NOT to do...what is and isn't important. All through Kai's prep they were putting out videos showing Kai benching gross amounts of weight (500 X 6...that is a LOT for anyone when donw raw), as well as lifting ultra heavy on several other exercises (down to the 4 rep range just 2 weeks out from the Olympia) and in contrast, Heath was using about 50% of the weight Kai was on some exercises. What good did Oscar's training program do for Kai? Lets see.........

      1.) Training: Oscar's "mass at all costs" mentality has destroyed Kai's physique. If Oscar was not attached to Oscar's left nut, he would see this and move on to another trainer, but that will never happen. Oscar has focuses exclusively on all basic, compound exercises (many of them free-standing, relying 100% on the abdominals for support) and ultra heavy weight. This was a "terrible" idea for someone who already has maybe too much mass and need to bring down his waist and work on refinement...NOT more mass and exercises which put maximum stress on the midsection. This type of training is great for beginners, but NOT for Kai...which should've been obvious! There is NO reason to be going down to 4 resp on bench, military, squat, etc...before a show...or some would argue at any time. These decisions of Oscar's causes were NOT well as leaving the possibility Kai could be badly injured pre-contest.

      2.) Diet: Again, Oscars "all mass" philosophy had Kai eating 8K cals a day and at Kai's point in his develoment, Oscar should've been having Kai work on eating only what was necessary to maintain his mass, bring down his gut distension and minimize is blockiness. He didn't.

      3.) Drugs: Won't touch on much here, but I will say that it seems aparent that Kai's program in this respect is tailored to maximum mass alone and I have little doubt Oscar was having Kai load up on drugs which should've been minimized, but which maximize size gain. Kai's massive distension reeks of this his gut is huge when his BF is very low. In most cases, drugs...and particular a significant role in this happening. Anyone watching Kai over the years could see his waist expanding. It was Oscar's "plan" which put this into motion.

      4.) Condition: Oscar NEVER seems to be able to bring Kai in dry and hard....ONLY big. Only one show was Kai possibly in great shape...the 09' Arnold (and that years Ausy). Again...this tells me that Oscar is making big mistakes in Kai's pre-contest drug program) most likely in an attempt to keep Kai as big as possible). There is no excuse for Kai constantly being out of shape. If Oscar would simply let Kai come in 15-20 lb's lighter, but hard as nails...he would look WAY better.

      If Kai was smart, he would drop this Oscar character today! Kai NEEDS to bring down his waist (which is VERY possible), completely change his training program, alter his PED program, Change his mentality to one which focuses on maximum condition...NOT maximum size. He needs to work on details and refinement (right now...Oscar's prgram does anything but),as he has all the mass he will ever need. Kai needs to stop taking extreme measures the week before the show and let nature take it's course...not always fucking things up in the last week of prep. If he looks good at 2 weeks out...just keep doing the same shit and ride it out into the show.

      kai need to rop Oscar now...he has consistently been the only coach which has constantly made me shake my head over and over again. As a coach, Oscar should've bbeen able to see what Kai really needed to work on and implemnted a plan accrdingly...he does not yet been able to do so. In fact, Oscar has consiatntly made choices which have continued to do the opposite...and actually damage Kai's physique.


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        Bob is cocky and thinks he knows all since he was a pro bodybuilder. Bob did a good job of starting drama with the guys at the press conference that's what he is there for. I will say he is out of line a lot knocking on pros. Kai screwed up plain and simple and it cost him. He is to big. Lose 20 more pounds for awesome conditioning and he would of been great.


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          I know this is completely off topic..but can someone please, PLEASE explain to me how the heck Kai Greene came a place before Victor Martinez? I mean is this some sort of joke?!?! I know i'm no judge so maybe one of you can give me valuable insight as to how that was fucking possible? him in 7th?!?!?!