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Another Olympia 98 UPSET?

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  • Another Olympia 98 UPSET?

    Wassup everyone,

    I just wanted to know if anyone thinks there will be an upset next year between Kai and Phil? Before Ronnie took the Sandow he was 9th the year prior and NO ONE thought he could, now if Kai get his act together and stop playing the size game, can it be this years Arnold and 98's Olympia? Just wanted to see if any one else thinks so...BTW both builders are great in the sense of hard work and dedication and I am fan of both DISCUSS..

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    no i think if he comes in top shape 3rd max and if people are off(vic) so idk.alot of different things play the part
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      man kai doesnt have all that great a physique if he has to much muscle he looks the way he did at the O if he doesnt have enough muscle he looks like he should be in the 202's i feel bad for him his physique is the toughest to manage that i have ever seen Oscar is a very nice and very dedicated to kai but this is above him i relly think farah or hany would do better for him its that simple.
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        Yes you are right but if he dials it in and keeps the belly down he does have a good shot at the O, and yea I believe he needs a change of trainers Oscar's preps are hit or miss with Kai and I also think he needs to come down in weight so he doesn't spill over too much in the future


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          Even if Phil Heath has food poisoning he will still beat Kai. Phil will only continue to get better
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            Kai is a great bber. That being said, I dont think that he will ever be the GREATEST bber on the Olympia stage. Between the two, I pick Phil. I think he has the more complete package, when it comes to this sport. And he will only continue to get better, which is the freaky part.


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              Kai still can win... look at the improvements Wolf made in his preperation... for some reason branch bombs the arnold and kai bombs the O... i dont understand where the inconsistancies are coming from with these two but they are HUGE... branch could easily win the arnold and kai could (not so) easily win the O... fuckin people...
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