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The PBW Championships - Contest Info (Tampa Pro - July 17th)

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  • Adina Zanolli
    One more name in Men's Open:

    Gregg Ulysses, Canada

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  • Del Toro
    Damn! the women's Pro bodybuilding division is stacked. Hope Beni Lopez has a great showing!

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  • Adina Zanolli
    An advisory notice from the IFBB went out a few days ago. There will be no 1-piece figure round. This change was to begin after the Olympia, instead, it starts immediately. They mention this show, but there is no figure division here.

    At the IFBB New York City Pro Figure on Friday, July 9th, several members of the IFBB Professional League Pro Committee were on hand, including Chairman Jim Manion. A meeting was called that included a quorum to discuss immediate elimination of the 1-Piece Swimsuit Round in IFBB Pro Figure. This will take effect starting with the 2010 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships on July 17th. This was originally proposed to take effect at the 2010 IFBB Houston Pro Figure as stated on the Advisory Notice from Tuesday, June 15th. All IFBB Pro Figure competitors from this date forward will only consist of one (1) round, the 2-Piece Swimsuit. This included the 2010 Figure Olympia.

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  • Adina Zanolli
    The rosters were just updated with two new names:

    In 202: Noar Ziv, Israel

    In FBB: Mercedes Bazemore, USA

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  • mwence
    Really excited to see what Brandon Curry is going to bring to the stage. Dudes got a great flow to his physique. Hopefuly he nails his conditioning so we can see all the improvements made. Im sure he will kill it. Hide, enough said. SICK. Always in run for the money. I really like Troy Alves when he is full and dry too. Anyone seen recent pics from Ed Nunn? Crazy X-frame. Great legs. I would to see his upper body catch up cause he will do some damage. Manuel Romero had the same look too. He is such a nice guy. Should be a great show!

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  • Shawn Ray
    The Line up as we head into this weekend Updated:

    OPEN Men-

    Serdar Aktolga, Turkey
    Troy Alves, USA
    Mark Antonek, USA
    Francisco Bautista, Spain
    Damaso Chacon, Venezuela
    Darrem Charles, Trinidad
    Brandon Curry, USA
    Omar Deckard, USA
    Constantinous Demetriou, Australia
    Oleg Emelyanov, Russia
    Vonne Francis, Grenada
    Johnnie Jackson, USA
    Michael Kefalianos, Australia
    Michael Liberatore, USA
    Manuel Lomeli, Mexico
    Alexandre Nataf, France
    Jo J Ntiforo, USA
    Edward Nunn, USA
    Manuel Romero, Venezuela
    Heinz Senior, Venezuela
    Ben White, USA
    Hidetada Yamagishi, Japan

    IFBB Pro Men 202lbs

    Feliz Abiu, USA
    Clarence DeVis, Belgium
    Tricky Jackson, USA
    Luc Molines, France
    Steve Namat, Hungary
    Angel Manuel Rangel Vargas, Mexico
    Jose Raymond, USA
    Frederic Sauvage, France
    Daryl Stafford, USA
    Nathan Wonsley, USA

    IFBB Pro Women BB'ers

    Lisette Acevedo, USA
    Irene Anderson, Sweden
    Nicole Ball, Canada
    Helen Bouchard, Canada
    Debbie Bramwell, Canada
    Brigita Brezovac, Slovenia
    Myriam Bustamante, Mexico
    Dayana Cadeau, USA
    Candice Carr-Archer, Trinidad-Tobago
    Andrea Ferreira Carvalho, Brazil
    Tina Chandler, USA
    Beverly DiRenzo, USA
    Skadi Frei-Seifert, Germany
    Aurelia Grozajova, Slovakia
    Mary Ellen Jerumbo, USA
    Carmen Knights, United Kingdom
    Cathy LeFrancois, Canada
    Nancy Lewis, USA
    Beni Lopez, USA
    Jena Mackey, Bahamas
    Tracy Mason, USA
    Wendy McCready, United Kingdom
    Emery Miller, USA
    Jennifer Sedia, USA
    Daniela Sell, Switzerland
    Antionette Thompson, USA
    Gusmary Villalobos, Aruba

    IFBB Pro BIKINI Women-

    Dina Al-Sabah, Kuwait
    Jamie Baird, USA
    Vanessa Campbell, USA
    Jessica Clay, USA
    Diana Fields, USA
    Janet Harding, USA
    Kat Holmes, USA
    Nathalie Mur, France
    Nicole Nagrani, USA
    Natalie Waples, Canada

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  • Kevin27
    I just saw a video on "that other website" of Ben White deadlifting 405 for 20 reps 3 weeks out from the Tampa show.

    Dude is a beast.

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  • Rocuhfella
    What are the perks of the VIP tickets other than not needing binoculars?

    I'm wanting all access Tim with some part time oil work with the bikini competitors. Good friend of mine is doing the show, we are looking forward to coming down for the first time.

    See you folks in Tampa.

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  • Azooz-ZR1
    Wow, this show is gonna be intersting

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  • Shawn Ray
    IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Tampa Bay Championships

    July 17th, 2010

    presented by

    DY Nutrition

    In 2008 we witnessed an epic battle between Open Men’s Pro Champion, Toney Freeman and Dennis “The Menace” James in Tampa Bay, Florida. The close fought battle continued a week later in Dallas, Texas where Toney again defeated the hard charging challenger DJ at the Europa Pro for the win! A year later, we would see the return of King James at the 2009 version of the PBW Tampa Pro where he would claim victory and the $10,000 First Place Prize over Canadian IFBB Pro, Fouad Abiad! As history would have it, these two would both proceed to Texas for the Europa Pro and DJ would be victorious again just as his predecessor, Toney Freeman had been the year previous.

    This year a whole new crop of contenders are vying for the title none of whom have the inside track to Victory! Let’s take a closer look at the Players looking to claim the 2010 title this year:

    Darrem Charles: Florida Resident and winner of 9 IFBB Pro Titles. Last show placed out of the top 10 at the 2009 Mr. Olympia.

    Hidetada Yamagishi: Japan’s first ever Mr. Olympia top 10 Finalist and IFBB Pro Champion by way of winning this year’s Europa Orlando Pro Championship in April. Hide has already qualified for this year’s Mr. Olympia in 3 different contests this year!

    Brandon Curry: 2008 NPC USA Champion will be making his IFBB pro Debut in this contest. This BSN Sponsored Athlete and new Father has all the tools a Champion on this level needs but the verdict is still out on whether he can bring a similar package that won him a Pro Card after such a long layoff from Championship Training and Competing? Structurally the is no criticism however he will need to bring better conditioning at this level than his previous outing to become victorious!

    Ben White: Former USA Champion who has yet to put it all together on the IFBB Pro Stage but had a few “near misses!” This Strongman/ Bodybuilder has been a promise not kept to date. Could this show be the one that puts him on the Map? He has all the tools but again, Conditioning will play a very important role if he is to see Victory once more.

    Mark Antonek: This 40 yr old Pro is peaking at the right time. Former Police Officer and Tampa Bay Native, Mark earned his IFBB Pro Card barely a year ago after winning his class at the IFBB North America last September of 09’. A year ago, Mark competed in the amateur version of the “Tim Gardner Extravaganza” and returns home as a Professional. Mark missed his peak earlier this year at the Europa Orlando but with no traveling to do for this show he feels he will be right at home in his contest preparations to be better than ever!

    Troy Alves: This 43 year old Grandfather saw victory for the first time as an IFBB Pro a year ago in 2009 at the Europa Pro Championships in Orlando, Florida. Another former NPC USA Winner, Troy is looking to get back in the winner’s circle with the help of training Guru, Chris Aceto in is camp. This contest for Troy was last minute, as he felt his timing was ahead of schedule and is looking for a Sponsorship Deal feeling that a good placing could bring him just that.

    Paco Bautista: “The Spaniard” is bringing a ton of Muscle but not much Shape structurally. This guy is always very vascular and thick but he is noted for being “Bottom Heavy” with his big Tree trunk Legs! Paco has won the IFBB Santa Suzanna Pro and competed frequently in New York contests. He is looking to break out here and get to the Mr. Olympia by way of a top 3 finish by any means necessary!

    Mike Liboratore: The former 2008 Hvy Wt Jr. National & 2008 NPC Hvy Wt National Champion competed earlier in the year at the IFBB Pro Arizona and found himself out of the top 10 and in 14th place for his Pro Debut. While he was cut and in great condition, he fell Flat and lack muscle Fullness. Apparently he now feels he has corrected his Rookie Mistakes and will be a Force to be reckoned with come Tampa! Stay tuned…….

    Johnny O. Jackson: IFBB Pro Veteran, this Texas resident has revenge on his mind. Noted as the Strongest Pro Bodybuilder, Johnny also has the pedigree to win this show! Johnny has won Jr. Nationals, NPC USA Championships, Montreal Pro and the Atlantic City Pro Championships to his credit and his 5 Mr. Olympia Appearances to go along with it! Don’t count Johnny out, he has shown in the past if he nails it all bets are off!

    Ed Nunn: This Indianan native won his IFBB Pro Card by way of his Overall & Super Hvy Wt Victory at the NPC National Championships in 2008! He took his lumps his rookie year but is back bigger and fuller than ever his sophomore season and is looking to redeem himself here in Tampa! Standing 6ft tall and well over 250lbs, Ed won’t be hard to miss with his excellent “V” Shape and added Mass! If he were to ever make a splash on the Pro scene, this should be the time to do it!

    Others looking to make a name for themselves include: Omar Deckard, DeShaun Grimez, Manuel Lomeli, Alexandre Nataf, Vonne Francis, Gregory Ulysse, Oleg Emelyanov, Constantino Demetriou and more.... !

    * Not be out done, the IFBB PBW Tampa Pro will also play host to the 202 Pro, Women’s Pro Bodybuilding and Women’s Pro Bikini! These shows will no doubt bring a lot of interesting aspects to the weekend which is now in its 3rd year! Kudos to contest Promoter, Tim Gardner for tirelessly working to improve this contest and reward these athletes!

    A Special “Life Time Achievement Award” will be presented to Hall of Fame Bodybuilder and 8 Time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney as well!

    For more Contest, Event & Hotel Information visit:

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  • tflexxin
    Big gang comin....As usual, to support Tim and his goal (now achieved) of making the PBW Championships a top calibre show. Mission accomplished!!

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  • bigbadwolf00
    Originally posted by bigmikecox View Post
    Its looking good for me too.....will find out for sure on Tuesday
    Big Mike, I'll be there... I'm about 90% sure!

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  • Shawn Ray
    You always get in late!
    You mean, "I'm Tardy for the Party?"

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  • Mike
    Originally posted by Shawn Ray View Post
    I get in Thursday eve!

    Good luck Tim!
    You always get in late!

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