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Chris Mackenzie 2 Weeks from the Team Universe - Leg Training

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  • Chris Mackenzie 2 Weeks from the Team Universe - Leg Training
    Last edited by Robbie Durand; July 2, 2010, 11:08 AM.

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    I met Chris at Team U, not only is he a great bodybuilder but he is a stand up guy as well!


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      Thanks for the kind words and thanks for posting a ent on my in the trenches. I was feeling bad that no one said anything


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        I got you buddy, no worries!


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          Chris, Awesome showing at the team U! You must feel great winning your class!

          I'm sure you've heard it time and time again, but you have some crazy wheels!! They are well deserved with the intensity that you train at. I watched your video, and when my leg day came around I did Leg Pressing supersetted with Smith Front squats. It just about killed me!! Keep up all the great work, it would be amazing to see you take the overall! What are your plans for competition now?


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            Pete, I am glad to hear some feedback from the vid and glad you saw something worth trying.

            That win was great... That was my 4th or 5th time in the TU. As for the future, I hope the NPC powers that be send us to the worlds! I would
            love to train for that and maybe take a stab at the Nationals since they are around the same time.

            I also should add that is was great so see some new blood at the team u, mixed with the old vets... Gross Dedtil beat me by 1 point in 2009, Charles Moore beat me in a "tie break" for a top 5 spot in 2005, Jessy James and I have gone back and forth in the past too - so those guys are cool and held in my high reguard. Then this year Christian (Aka tree trunk legs) and Ternton Wade show up ready to rumble and take 2nd and 3rd respectivly as team u rookies. And the 6th place guy, Clarence Harris looked like a beast. I would not have had him out of the top 5.

            I just wanted to give my competition/friends props. And speaking of competition/friends.... Jrod back next year? Who knows.

            Anyway, thanks again for the comment on the vid. I don't know if u R an east cost guy, but I will be up in CT for the Europa
            show rooting for Tim in the Ifbb and working the expo for BPi. If ur there make sure to find me to say hi


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              Thanks for the shout out Chris, you deserved the win for sure! You looked awesome, if you are going to be around on Sunday, we are all training at the Golds up there. Check out the thread:


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                More Vids

                Also, not quite as well produced as the In The trenches: