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Vaughn Ettienne 2 Weeks from the Team Universe - Back Training

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  • Originally posted by GeorgeForemanRules View Post

    99% of the dumb cunts here could not pass block 1 let alone block 4 of the RN clinicals.

    It sucks to make 90K a year working 3 days a week Not to mention my benefits, no health care premium, cheap but excellent dental & vision, short term, long term disablity, life insurance, AFLAC, 401K & pension... Pretty sick beni's actually. And my greedy ass is working 4 - 12hr shifts per week for the rest of the year! I am sure most of you retards make more and work less. dnice91369 is in the top 1% of money makers here as well as top 1% of most educated.
    GFR... LOL... What's up? It's cool bro. Silly Uha is in the top 1/2% as

    he is a leading nuclear physicist secretly working on weapons of mass

    destruction for Iran. But now that I've blown his cover... C.I.A.'s coming for you.
    Humapro - Protein for Humans -