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2010 NPC Team Universe Contest July 9th & 10th

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    Any prejudging pics yet?


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      The New York Pro Figure is going on right now. There are 32 pro figure ladies.

      In the one piece, first callouts went to:

      Cheryl Brown, Dana Fallacara, Gennifer Strobo, Terri Turner

      Dana and Gennifer were also in the second callouts, so it's looking good for Cheryl and Terri.

      MD's own Magdalena was in the seventh callout, which included:

      Cristiana Casoni, Vicki Nixon, Katherynne Ramirez, Tammy Strome, Stacy Wig, Magdalena Wilk, Jennifer Woodruff


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        thanks Shawn, I thought they were flying you out for this. Was looking forward to hanging out again. Lonnie will be here in August for the Jersey championships. Since he is getting a check for that , its his turn to pay. lol


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          Originally posted by JillyRev View Post
          hehe thanks Mayor!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill be in D class
          The new T shirt sporting your name as a new IFBB Pro is waiting for you!


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            Originally posted by mayor of bodybuilding View Post
            The new T shirt sporting your name as a new IFBB Pro is waiting for you!
            She was texting me last night. Got her tan at 3:00. Diet worked just right. Now she's just waiting...she's ready!


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              I'm getting messages from people wanting to know how JillyRev did...

              She did not make first callouts.

              Davana Madina is in the crowd today looking good. Rumors have been going for a while now that she might be making a come back. She eveidently looks poised to do so.


              • #22
                Women's Lightweight and Overall Winner - Gina Quinn

                Middleweight - Joy Henderson


                • #23
                  Figure A new pros - Tiana Gonzalez and Shala Singer

                  Tiana wins the class.


                  • #24
                    Figure B:

                    1) Tereista Morales
                    2) Kiani Pi
                    3) Darice Castro
                    4) Ashley King
                    5) Jen Smythe


                    • #25
                      Figure C - new pros are Joanne Murphy and Jackie Hoppe.

                      Jackie won the class.


                      • #26
                        Figure D pros - Charmayne Jackson & Milaila Soto.

                        Charmayne took the class.


                        • #27
                          Figure E new pros - Patricia Nguyen and Mona Muresan.

                          Mona won the class.


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                            I definitely thank you for the updates, looking forward to the results of the men.


                            • #29
                              Figure F pros - Kristin Nagrani and Michelle Baltista.

                              Michelle won the class.


                              • #30
                                Overall Figure Winner - Jackie Hoppe! (She was our Class C Winner)

                                Congrats to Jackie!