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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Tony D’Arceneaux

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Tony D’Arceneaux

    Tony D'Arceneaux will be competing in his fifth Arnold Classic Amateur this year.

    Although he is a veteran in terms of the Arnold Amateur, he's trying something new this year - the Classic Division. He'll be in Class C.

    I caught up with Tony to get his thoughts on this new division and see why he picked the Classic over the Open Division this year.

    Read on to see what Tony had to say.

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    AZ: You’re competing in your fifth Arnold Amateur competition. What brings you back time and again?

    TD: I love to compete and go back to the Arnold because of both the National and International exposure.

    In my opinion, the Arnold is the ultimate bodybuilding experience. People from all over the world come to enjoy bodybuilding and other attractions, such as Ultimate Fighting, competitive cheer-leading, and fencing.

    Bob Lorimer and company put on an incredible sports festival. I have met all my bodybuilding heroes there: Frank Zane, Mike Katz, Shawn Ray, Ed Corney, Lee Labrada, Lou Ferigno, and, of course, Arnold!

    It's exciting to Google your name on the internet and see comments in more than five languages!

    AZ: I’ve not spoken to anyone competing in the Classic Division before. Tell me a little bit about it.

    Classic Bodybuilding has been featured in Europe. From what I have read, the height component is the thing differentiates it from Open Bodybuilding. The IFBB rulebook has further information regarding the division.

    AZ: What makes you pick Classic over Open?

    TD: The last four years, I competed in the Open.

    For the first time this year, the Arnold Amateur will include the Classic Bodybuilding Division.

    I did my homework on this division. It goes not only by weight, but by height. I am more suited for the old school bodybuilder look. My role model is Frank Zane, in that regard.

    Today's bodybuilder is thicker and more massive.

    At 5'9", I'm considered tall as a middleweight at 176 pounds.

    The ideal middleweight would be between 5'4" and 5'6". They would look wider and thicker at that height range.

    Classic bodybuilding is judged among those who have more of an aesthetic physique. Everyone in the class would be approximately the same height with similar proportions.

    From what I have been told, this category would be better for me personally.

    AZ: We’ve got Men’s Physique for the first time this year? Have you considered giving it a go?

    TD: I am considering giving Men's Physique a go at the Junior Nationals.

    AZ: You’ve been competing quite a few years. What’s your ultimate goal for this sport? What do you hope to accomplish before you retire the posing trunks?

    TD: My goal in bodybuilding is to get exposure. I want to find a supplement, exercise or clothing sponsor to serve, and help them promote their products while making a living doing what I enjoy.

    I have been a gym rat all of my life. I don't plan on ever retiring the posing trunks.

    Also, I want to continue to pursue my acting career, where being in shape is always a good thing!


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      Tony has many interests and hobbies - too many to even name them all!

      As far as bodybuilding, he was the 2006 NPC Continental USA Bodybuilding Master’s Champion, and second in Middleweight. He was also the 2006 NPC Midwest Ironman Master's Champion.

      He is a public speaker, having motivated crowds at both Wrigley Field and Soldier Field for the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears. His clients included: Ace Hardware, Disney, Home Depot, Illinois Lottery, Jewel Foods, Keebler Cookies, Lucas Arts, Motorola, and Old Style Beer,

      He is also the Master of Ceremonies for the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra and the Russell Maryland Foundation.

      Tony - five weeks out


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        Tony, are you definitely competing at the Jr. Nats this year? If so, I'll be in attendance...I'll look forward to seeing you in the Men's Physique division.

        Yes, I agree that your physique has more of the "Frank Zane" look for Classic Bodybuilding. I hope the IFBB/NPC begin offering that option at other shows. That's definitely my idea of art - I am enamored with that look vs. the traditional modern bodybuilders. Different types for different folks.


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          I plan on competing in Men's Physique. However, Bodybuilding is pulling at my heart strings. I will compete at Junior Nationals. I'll make my decision after Arnold. First things first.

          Every year at the Arnold, I have had a conversation with Frank Zane. When they were trying to raise money to fund "Pumping Iron," they held the fundraiser at a museum. I think about them posing in front of Art critics and not judges. Bodybuilding is not just a sport, it is living art. We sculpt our bodies into those works of art, just as Michelangelo did. Arnold and Mr. Zane (of course Joe Weider) are such visionaries in the sport.

          I agree with you in terms of different types for different folks. That is why I love the Arnold for all that Bob Lorimer/Arnold has put together. There is something there for everyone. Also, the NPC is opening doors to competitors with Bikini and now Men's Physique. This is truly an exciting time.


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            I am very excited to follow your progress in your various divisions.

            I had no idea that you were so involved with other interests in Chicago - Philharmonic Orchestra and motivational speaking.

            Yes, bodybuilding is a living art. Would it not be amazing if bodybuilders could again pose in front of art critics? That would be an exhibit in itself.


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              I was the MC for the Illinois Philharmonic on one occasion. I wish there could have been more. However, a museum exhibit would be great! Go for it! I believe there could be an opportunity in Chicago.


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                As for the museum exhibit, I actually made a note of checking into it for Chicago. When my schedule clears a bit, I will work on this project. I'll keep you posted. (By the way, I added you as a friend on Facebook, if you want to connect there, as well.)


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                  2 weeks out: I have a lot of work to do. Through faith all things are possible!

                  Originally posted by laceylenning View Post
                  As for the museum exhibit, I actually made a note of checking into it for Chicago. When my schedule clears a bit, I will work on this project. I'll keep you posted. (By the way, I added you as a friend on Facebook, if you want to connect there, as well.)