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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Antoine Vaillant

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Antoine Vaillant

    Antoine Valliant will soon be competing at the Arnold Amateur as a Super Heavyweight in the Open Division.

    He's no stranger to MD.

    While some people stay under wraps the closer it gets to contest, Antoine does just the opposite. We've seen numerous pictures and videos of his progress along the way, and he has no intention of stopping!

    I caught up with Antoine to see why he's so open to sharing his progress, and how he feels to be working with IFBB Pro Jose Raymond.

    Read on to see what he has to say and learn more about Antoine.

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    AZ: You’re a sponsored athlete. How much does that help you in striving for your bodybuilding goals?

    I am truly honored to be sponsored by Universal Nutrition and Sacrifice & Honor Apparel.

    I do believe it helps achieving your goals, not only with materialistic help, but it also makes you work harder. Having companies believe in you is really motivating.

    Universal is one of the oldest supplement brands out there. They have been kicking ass since 1977 and are still doing it strong!

    Sacrifice & Honor is a new Clothing/Apparel company that creates wicked gear specially made for the bodybuilding lifestyle.

    AZ:How important is getting a pro card to you? Is that your number one goal at this point?

    My main goal right now is to arrive at my best ever at the Arnold Amateur, and come out of this contest as a new and improved bodybuilder.

    Then, I will go straight for my pro card, October 12th 2011, right in my hometown of Montreal!

    It's my ultimate bodybuilding goal - to get my card. Once I do get it, I will fix other goals.

    Are you working with someone for your prep? Why or why not?

    I am working with IFBB PRO Jose "THE BOSTON MASS" Raymond, and I must say he has been the greatest help and support during this prep.

    He really believes in me, motivates me when I feel down, is always positive, and makes me work freakin' hard!

    Meeting Jose in Hawaii has been one of the best things that could have happened to me in my competitive career so far.

    You seem to be pretty grounded in the health and fitness industry. What got you started, especially in terms of competing?

    I started competing in 2004, when I was 16 years old.

    I entered the gym with the idea of competing already.

    The Arnold movies, the magazines, and the bodybuilding websites are all reasons that pushed me to do bodybuilding.

    Plus, I responded very well to weight training. I gained thirty pounds in like five weeks when I first started weight lifting!

    There are those who keep their pictures hidden and their bodies covered up till show. You’re not one of those. Your stuff is out there. What makes you post pictures and videos rather than save it all for the big day?

    I believe that getting as much exposure as possible is essential when you are a competitive bodybuilder - especially when you are an amateur from Canada!

    I'm not afraid of showing my progression.

    I know there are people who take joy in bringing down others on the boards and what not, but it doesn't affect me at all.

    Besides, I like to film/edit videos. It's a hobby of mine, and I'm getting pretty good feedback too.


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      Antoine is just twenty-three years old and stands six feet tall.

      He carries about 275 pounds in the off-season, and brings it down to around 235 at contest time, give or take a few pounds.

      He has a girlfriend who he says has been, “very comprehensive and supportive of me during this prep. I will make sure I catch up after my contest, to take care of her and take her out as much as possible to thank her for the support!”

      Together, they have two dogs, a Boxer named Kim and a Red Nose Pit named Sibelle. They also have an iguana!

      Antoine is a personal trainer, but plans to go back to the university. He is just not sure what he wants to study!

      Contact Information:

      Universal Usa Profile page:

      Personal Website:

      MD Screen Name: Antoine

      Sponsor websites: and


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        Antoine has a bright future and great, classic physique.

        Some very cool vids of Antoine getting ready to do battle with another Universal athlete David Hoffman here:
        VP of Marketing for Nutrabio
        instagram @naturalguy2.0


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          SHOCK THERAPY :


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            Thanks for taking the time to read the interview! Thanks to FitAdina too!!!

            also, hope you enjoy the videos!
            SHOCK THERAPY :


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              haha pumping iron 2011 was great! Good videos bro!


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                wow had no idea he was 6 foot .. man this kid inspires me even more now


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                  Nice footage, very entertaining these videos! Thanks man


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                    This guy looks great, I am sure he will do well..